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Inside The High Stakes World Of Tokyo’s Loop Racers - The Roulettezoku 「ルーレット族の世界」

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Roulettezoku 「ルーレット族」literally translates to “Roulette Tribe”. It’s a term that not many in the west know, because it is mainly used by the Japanese police to specifically refer to the hashiriya 「走り屋」or street racers who run the inner city highways of Tokyo; mainly the C1 Loop and Wangan line.

This video is an inside look at the high stakes world of the Roulettezoku. It follows my friends and I as we spend one night out in Tokyo exploring the scene and experiencing everything first hand.

This video is also basically a series pilot/a pitch video for a series. Please read on.

Recently I had a dinner with the head of The Discovery Channel in Japan where I had a very real chance to talk all about my story and the car culture niche and the what and why of my mission with Drift Hunter. For you guys who have been following me for awhile, you know that this is basically the culmination of the past 5 years of effort. For 2 hours, I made the case that there exists a super massive, worldwide fan base; a passionate and diverse group of enthusiasts, just like you and I, who are hungry for real, authentic content and stories about the multiple aspects of Japanese car culture. And that there are very, very few people who have the ability to tell these stories.

So, There is a very good chance that execs from The Discovery Channel and possibly other platforms will be watching this video. And, they’ll be going through your guys comments. If my content has ever brought you any value and you resonate with my mission and want to see me take this to the next level, speak up - this is your time to be heard. Drop a comment below of:
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