This purple Hispano Suiza was made to make you feel 'elated.'

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Did you think Hispano Suiza's comeback was a load of hypercar nonsense? Think again, because this is the first example of the 1,098bhp Carmen Boulogne that will be sold in the United States. It's the synthesised, configurator form of it, to be precise.

This purple Hispano Suiza was made to make you feel 'elated.'

Hispano suiza carmen michael fux purple interior

If you know your online-famous automobile collectors, the colour scheme may also reveal where it's going.
Michael Fux is known for painting his cars in bright colours, like as this pink McLaren 720S, which is one of his 160.
A automobile that will look great next to his purple Carmen, which is said to be Fux's first electric vehicle.

The Boulogne is a faster, more extreme version of an already rapid EV, and it's also highly exclusive: just 19 Carmen Boulognes will be manufactured, and it's safe to guess the other 18 won't be quite as purple on the inside or out as the car you see here.

“I went to the Hispano Suiza facility in February and was quite impressed,” Fux explains.
“I am a detail-oriented person who like colours that raise you up and make you feel happy.
The Carmen Boulogne is unquestionably a ‘wow' automobile when you see it.
It's classic and romantic, and you can't take your eyes away from it.


So, guys, how do you feel about being elated?

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