A Lamborghini Countach Kit Car Transforms From a Damaged Bodyshop Dweller To A Widebody Showstopper

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Daily Driven Exotics' Damon and Dave take a look at this fantastic kit vehicle that looks nice enough to mislead gearheads.

Lamborghini is known for its Countach model, which has appeared in a number of Hollywood films, including Miami Vice and Speed Zone.
Despite the fact that it's a classic that's usually pricey, the lads from YouTube's Daily Driven Exotics manage to discover the cheapest looking Countach.
They already knew the Countach was a widebody wild ride, but seeing it would fulfil their Countach custom fantasies.


On their way to visit the Lamborghini Countach, the lads encounter across a guy at the gas station who, shockingly, owns two of them.

The team's first response upon entering the secret garage that houses the modified Countach model is priceless.
Their attitude is bewildering, and their first words imply that the custom Countach is complete lunacy.
They discover that the modified model is 97 inches broad, substantially larger than the 74.28 inches it was originally.
Although the breadth is amazing, the custom LED taillights are the team's favourite feature.

The Widebody Stunner's Backstory

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The founder of the Master Mindz garage tells how when his father came out of rehab, the first car he saw was a Countach, which he later discovered had been stolen.
The cabin was gone, and bumpers covered the front of the vehicle.
His father manages to acquire the automobile for an extremely low price after calling the owner and learning that the owner thought the car in the parking lot was still in fine shape.
It is, in reality, a kit automobile that has been used in several Hollywood films, including It Takes Two.

This magnificent widebody stunner is born when his father brings it to the body shop for restoration, a roll cage installation, glass roof, and a wrapping job.
The kit vehicle included a Chevy 350 engine, which is still used by Countach workers today.

In conclusion, this Lambo Countach kit car and its bespoke restoration job are stunning, and it drives like a dream.
As a result, the widebody stunner was well worth the low price paid by the owner's father, and now that it is for sale, someone will be the happy new owner.

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