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Salvage to Savage, a Florida-based workshop, put together an outstanding C10 truck build.

At the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) exhibition in Las Vegas, some of the most creative automobile builds stole the show, but it looked that electric cars ate up a lot of the scenery at the event, which concluded Nov. 5.
After the pandemic forced the cancellation of last year's event, speakers made up for lost time, including Salvage to Savage, a Florida-based novelty garage that brought its prized Chevrolet truck to Nevada.
Granted, the group drew a lot of attention on the showroom floor, but according to a video posted Thursday, it wasn't all flowers for the crew.

The commotion centred on a 1985 Chevy C10 truck that Salvage to Savage had entirely gutted, leaving just the body as a reminder of what had once been a GM vehicle.
Adding a C5 Corvette front suspension system, a Tesla Model S rear chassis, and a Tesla Model 3 electric dual-motor was part of the seven-month build.
The vehicle was also given a widebody and a metallic green paint job.

Other components, such as Finspeed alloy wheels, a lower rear diffuser, and a rear spoiler, were completely overhauled by Salvage To Savage.
The lads also added a big-time roll cage, a high-end ventilation system, FuelTech dash displays, Status Racing bucket seats and steering wheel, and a digital monitor to show off the car's racier side.

EV Treatment is being applied to more Mopars

Twin tesla swapped chevy squarebody electric motors

Salvage To Savage was able to mix in with the other modified electric vehicles at the Vegas show because to the changes.
A 1972 Plymouth Satellite with a Tesla electric powertrain capable of 600 horsepower and a 1957 Chevy with a 350-horsepower electric motor were among the other entrants.

Although one wag emphasised that green energy is the way to go, some of the refits appear as stunning as those with blown motors.
He stated, "I know for a fact that electric is taking over."

A Cabbie Door Is Removed From This Chevy EV

Twin tesla swapped chevy squarebody about to rip off cab door

On the crew's final day at SEMA, however, things took a drastic turn when they decided to take the truck for a ride around the city.
The truck paused in the passenger loading area as they returned to their hotel, and one of the taxi drivers flung out his door only to have it torn off by the EV squarebody.
What is the cost?
One cabbie door was missing, and the Chevy was scratched.

"Fortunately, no one was wounded," one Salvage to Salvage mechanic stated. "We'll live to see another day, and everything will be OK."

Salvage To Savage is the source of this information.

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