Among the dead rodents, a classic Dodge Daytona and Charger were discovered

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It's not every day that you come upon an ancient muscle car with all of its original parts, much alone one with dead rats inside.

Auto Archaeology on YouTube, on the other hand, took it upon themselves to track down some ancient masterpieces.
All of which you will regard as attractive vintage muscle vehicles from the era, and which you will want to see (minus the dead rodents, most likely).

Just outside the barn, Ryan Brutt, an Automotive Archaelogist, spotted a red and black Daytona with a crimson inside in the back of a truck.
It has 440 horsepower and is the only one of its kind for this Daytona model.

After that, he comes upon an outstanding 1969 Dodge Charger that is completely original, as well as another 440 horsepower muscle car.
The Dodge Charger is an all-around automatic green vehicle.
The automobile still has its original engine and gearbox, but it has been sitting for so long that it has accumulated a lot of dust on the outside.

Circumnavigating the barn
Brutt notices a 1968 Dodge Dart GTS, which has 383 horsepower.
He finds the original engine and a unique exhaust manifold inside.
Surprisingly, he discovers a slew of dead rats and mice.
That only goes to illustrate how long these muscle vehicles have been parked in the garage.

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Another red Daytona, albeit not as ancient as the others, is among the barn findings.
It's just been sitting for a few years, and the owners have taken excellent care of it.
It seems to be in excellent shape, as does the truck's original red 440 horsepower Daytona.

A 1970 Dodge Charger GT R/T, with an automatic gearbox, power disc brakes, power steering, and a superb condition inside, is another exceptionally good condition muscle vehicle.

Among the muscle car barn finds is a 1967 Polaric convertible, which is another vehicle with 440 horsepower.
In addition, there is a 1978 Polara express truck in the barn, which is a really cool finale to the collection.

Apart from the dead rodents, these muscle car discoveries are stunning.
So much so that all of them still have their original parts, which is quite uncommon.

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