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Modified Cars Website,, Do you remember ?

When it comes to modified cars, does anyone else remember the modified car website, ? We sure do!

Modified Cars Website, | Do you remember ?

I remember going on Google back in the day and typing in "modified cars"  and coming up at the top of the first page was, it was packed full of modified car images, car shows, videos and more.

It all started back in the year 2000, Here's a picture below of what the website looked like. back in the year 2000

We have gone on the Way Back Machine to check it out.


This is in the year 2001. in 2001


Since the early days of the 2000's was the leading modified car website on the net, But it has now left us without saying goodbye. 

Will modified rides take its place ?

Since then the last image we had of was in 2016 when they put the domain name up for sale.

Since they posted this we have not seen them since. last ever website content

Do you think will return ? Let us know in the comments below if you remember searching for modified cars on google back in the day, and do you think it might return ?

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