Super-rare BMW Supercar

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As design debuts go, this is quite an effort. Step forward Fabrizio Giugiaro and his Nazca M12.

Super-rare BMW Supercar

Super Rare BMW Super Car

Built in 1991 when Fab’ was just 26 years old, this rather stunning hunk of carbon fibre is just one of three production-ready concept cars built by the world-renown and rather fabulous Giugiaro design house.

Giugiaro says this M12 was ‘inspired by F1 cars and Group C road-going cars’, and features a frame and body made entirely of carbon fibre, together with light alloy components (like on racing cars). The bonnet and boot is one piece, the body dome features a wraparound windscreen and the windows are of gullwing flavour. All in the whole thing weighs just 1,110kg, lighter than a Ford Fiesta.




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