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Modified Cars and Sportcars leaving a Car Meet 2021 | CCRally

In this video Modified Cars & Sportcars Accelerating during the CCRally Performance Drive last weekend. This was a one day tour in the Netherlands, with all covid 19 rules!
It was a little tour with some great accelerations, launch controls and loud sounds.

480HP BMW 440i M-Performance,
Ferrari FF,
Ford Focus RS,
Mercedes AMG E63 S,
Mercedes AMG G500 4x4²,
Mercedes AMG GLC63 S,
Mercedes AMG GTR,
Seat Leon Cupra,
Volkswagen Passat R36,
Audi ABT RS3,
Audi R8 V10 Plus,
Audi RS6,
Audi S4 Avant,
Audi A4 ABT,

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