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Street Racers VS Police - TX2K Underground (2019) + Street Outlaws Boosted GT

Thank you guys for your support we couldn't manage these trips without the people who support us, whether you're buying merch, or using the fan subscriptions, even just sharing and watching our videos helps tremendously. This video turned out pretty well for not having a film crew, trying to race, trying to navigate a place we've never been. Videos are Getting better everytime, and you can expect a lot more trips like this the whole season. We just want to travel and race with the fastest guys in the game.

Thanks to Randi, LoneStar Street Racing, Bill Hoskinson for getting footage while i was racing. Thanks to Limpy, and 6SixtyStreet for putting on the best street races on earth.


Third Gate - Wydron /

V.I.P.N - Confessions /

Splvshgng - Gothboi /

Wake Theory - Falling Faster /

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