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We're actually unsure of how this 850 horsepower, six-wheeled leviathan is ever permitted on public roadways.

We are aware that absurdly big 6x6 vehicles are now popular in the US, and we also know that Florida-based Apocalypse Manufacturing has produced items like a six-wheeled Ford Bronco.
However, this is just plain silly.

The Juggernaut is what it is known as, and Apocalypse calls it its "most aggressive vehicle to date."

According to Joseph Ghattas, owner, engineer, and chief designer of Apocalypse Manufacturing, "This one-of-a-kind product is really a collection of our finest projects."

"We are taking the best qualities and features from our 180 6x6s that are now on the road.
With the Juggernaut, our clients received the very powerful and opulent super-truck they wanted.

Underneath all the craziness is a RAM truck with a customised 6.2-liter Hellcat V8 under the hood delivering 850 horsepower to all six wheels.

The Juggernaut has dimensions of 2.24m in height, 2.49m in width (not ideal for London width restrictors, although it would likely just drive right through them), and 6.91m in length.

Even though they resemble trolley castors in this firm, those tyres are 40-inch monsters, and the wheels are 22 inches.

Oh, and those outrageous arches undoubtedly enable absurd suspension travel, which Apocalypse claims it has proven by repeatedly leaping the Juggernaut ten feet into the air.
We hope they are employing a chiropractor full-time.

In addition to a bespoke off-road mode where you may remember your preferred settings, there appear to be five additional drive modes (Sport, Drag Race, Baja, Rock, and Mud).

Along with steel front and rear bumpers and a high-performance cooling system, locking diffs are also included.
Most likely for the best.

According to Apocalypse, the Juggernaut has a towing capacity of over 9,000 kg and has "one of the biggest cabins ever created" that can accommodate a person who is seven feet tall.
Basketball professionals, place your orders immediately.

What does all this size cost?

Evidently, two are available at the moment for $297,999.

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