Will.i.am's new bespoke AMG supercar isn't getting much praise

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He's done it before, and now he's done it again. Will. i.am already has a bespoke hot rod, a modified Tesla, and a future-fied DeLorean, but we have a hunch you'll have some thoughts about his latest car: the will.i.AMG.

It's based on the AMG GT 4-door saloon and is a cooperation with Mercedes' go-faster division. It does not, however, have four doors as you can see. It features two massive backwards-opening doors.

We have the visage of a G-Wagen up front. Huge vent cutouts may be found on the sides. And what about the Mercedes logo? A bear theme has taken its place. It's a logo that'll appear on a 'Bear Witness' range of clothes and accessories that will be available this weekend in Mercedes' Miami headquarters and online.
Will.i.am's charitable organisation will receive a portion of the revenues.

West Coast Customs built the car, which was unveiled in Miami ahead of the Grand Prix this weekend.
The car's'mission,' according to Mr. Iam, is to assist people from underserved communities in gaining access to jobs in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math (s).
Though it's unclear how a one-of-a-kind 600bhp vehicle owned by a millionaire rapper does this.

"I grew up in a ghetto," will.i.am stated.
Hip hop was a part of my childhood.
It was always a goal of mine to possess a Mercedes after seeing renowned hip hop artist rap about them.
Owning a Mercedes is a sign of progress and rising beyond adversity for many inner-city youths.

"Now that I've achieved my aim, I've gone even farther by re-imagining and designing my own AMG model.
But I didn't touch the engine since AMG makes the greatest engines in the world.
The founders of AMG's story genuinely motivates me, and it's energising to work with like-minded people who are likewise striving for continual growth."

That's what he says, at least.
So, how about you?


MERCEDES WIII.I.AMG designed by WILL.I.AM – A Mix Between G-CLASS and AMG GT63

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