Genesis Teases Launch of Performance Sub-Brand

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For years, Genesis has teased the idea of introducing its own performance sub-brand, drawing parallels to Hyundai's successful N division. Now, the automaker has officially confirmed the launch of this new venture, dubbed Magma. The name suggests an exciting lineup of high-performance vehicles on the horizon.

Magma Performance Sub-Brand

Genesis teases launch of performance sub brand 2

Genesis announced its intention to introduce a high-performance Magma variant for each model in its lineup. Offering a sneak peek into this initiative, the automaker unveiled the GV60 Magma concept on Monday.

The confirmed-for-production concept showcases enhancements across its chassis, cooling system, and thermodynamics, possibly leading to increased horsepower. Compared to the standard GV60 electric compact crossover, it boasts a wider stance and lower profile, complemented by various aerodynamic elements, including a distinctive rear wing.

Upfront, a redesigned fascia incorporates additional intakes to aid brake and powertrain cooling, which now boasts an upgraded battery and motors likely offering more power than the current 483 hp of the stock GV60. Notably, the titanium-colored 21-inch wheels feature integrated aero discs, contributing to brake cooling as well.

Inside, the cabin receives upgrades such as body-colored seatbacks on bucket seats, along with premium materials like suede and leather, accentuated by stylish accent stitching.

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Genesis aims for Magma models to offer high performance without compromising on comfort or aesthetics. Notably, Belgian racing icon Jacky Ickx, renowned for his Formula 1 and endurance racing triumphs including multiple wins at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, has joined Genesis as a brand partner and will contribute to the development of future Magma models.

The formal unveiling of the GV60 Magma concept is scheduled for the 2024 New York Auto Show, commencing Wednesday for media attendees. Alongside it, Genesis will showcase three prior concepts developed by the Magma division. Among these is the GV80 Coupe concept, introduced at last year's New York Auto Show, debuting a distinctive orange paint finish set to become the signature color of the Magma sub-brand.

Additionally, the lineup includes the X Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo concept, revealed at the Gran Turismo World Series World Finals in Barcelona, potentially hinting at a hybrid powertrain exclusive to Magma vehicles.

Lastly, a new design, the G80 Magma Special, previews a high-performance version of the G80 sedan exclusive to West Asia in the future.

Genesis will also utilize the New York Auto Show to unveil the Neolun concept, possibly offering insights into the brand's upcoming full-size SUV.

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