The Artisan GT-R concept is a 1,000 horsepower, retro-styled R35

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It will also boast a completely revamped interior and upgraded brakes, tyres and suspension, with a starting price of £369,000.


Modified R35 GTR

Rectangular landscaping headlamps and an aggressively vented bonnet are back on the front end, while the quad exhaust is replaced with a two-tip setup on the back and a new two-pronged wing. There is also an F1-inspired central light visible; while VW Golf GTI enthusiasts frequently use these, they do not seem quite as hideous as they do in this picture.

The sleek shape is still uniquely R35, but this GT-R is really giving us serious R33 GT-R LM vibes because of the additional aero-focused parts, six-spoke alloys, and overall boxier design. Customers can request particular external adjustments to fit their taste, according to the artisan. So there's no harm in requesting a generous helping of nitrous and neon underglow.

The car's 3.8-liter V6 twin-turbo engine will remain mechanically unchanged, but a "specialist" tuning house will rebuild it entirely from the ground up so that buyers can select between two power bands: an 800-bhp "Track Edition" and a 1,000-bhp "Ultimate Edition." We have a nagging sense that Dacia might be the said specialist. However, we might be mistaken.

Lead designer Roman Miah tells Modified Rides "I feel like when the R35 came out, it somehow strayed away from the design of the previous generation Skyline GT-Rs." "While I can see Nissan's desire to pursue a fresh aesthetic, I have always found the original design language to be lacking. With this car, I wanted to bring it back because the R32, R33, and especially the R34 Skyline GT-R still look amazing and are very well-liked. This kind of style, in my opinion, will appeal to many of the fans who grew up with the original GT-Rs."

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