Bmw i8 concept does 78 mpg and accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in less than five seconds

BMW i8 concept does 78 mpg and accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in less than five seconds

On 18/03/2023

BMW initially revealed the i8 back in 2009 with the original Vision EfficientDynamics Concept, a design whose lines have stayed consistent over time and are plainly seen in this upgraded version.

Manhart mh4 600 website 1

Modified BMW M4 with 626bhp

On 25/02/2023

German tuner Manhart isn't particularly renowned for its modest automotive modifications instead, it favours use of carbon fibre as its hallmark style.

M3 touring by ac schnitzer ac3 black front 45 grad outside

The BMW M3 Touring now has 602bhp according to AC Schnitzer

On 22/02/2023

The sparkling new BMW M3 Touring features a suite of upgrades from German tuner AC Schnitzer, which transforms the already extremely quick estate into something that would feel right at home on a racetrack.

2023 01 bmw alpina b5 gt 05

The 625bhp Alpina B5 GT

On 18/02/2023

With a small batch of 250 high-performance GTs, Alpina adds its own touch to BMW's M5.

1980 bmw m1 ahg studie1311892

$550k BMW M1 "AHG Studie" transformed into an M1 Procar

On 12/02/2023

It's a remarkably uncommon BMW M1 "AHG Studie," and you may not be familiar with these.

Manhart mh4 gtr ii g82 website 3

Manhart 692bhp modified BMW M4 CSL

On 10/02/2023

The 3.0-liter twin-turbo straight-six in the CSL has been upgraded from the conventional 542 horsepower to a far more adequate 692 horsepower.

Bmw i4 by ac schnitzer hankook front move 3 dsc9647

Modified BMW i4 electric police car

On 10/02/2023

Unfortunately, you won't be seeing the modified BMW i4 by AC Schnitzer stealthily tracking down criminals anytime soon.

P90489712 highres

Modified BMW M2

On 07/02/2023

The factory-modified M2 will debut at the Essen Motor Show.

Field adro g8x m3 m4 green front q 2

Modified BMW M4 by ADRO

On 08/12/2022

Aerodynamic Development Race Optimization (ADRO) claims to be the first business to commercialise an alternative front bumper for the bmw m4.

Manhart mh3 gtr website 3

The Manhart-tuned BMW M3 increases power without becoming more obtrusive

On 28/10/2022

This BMW was modified by a German tuning company, and it isn't any more ugly than when it was first built.

P90471480 highres the first ever bmw m

What do you think of the odd M Performance exhaust on the new BMW M3 Touring?

On 12/10/2022

BMW describes its carbon components for the powerful M3, but those tailpipes are too much for us to handle.

X6m notus evo 03

The Modified BMW X6 M Competition

On 31/07/2022

It was created by Polish tuner Carlex Design, and the finished product barely qualifies as subtle.

P90470035 highres munich june 2022 bmw

MotoGP safety vehicle displays all of the M3 Touring M Performance components

On 18/07/2022

This M3 Touring is the new MotoGP safety vehicle, as you may have guessed from the stickers, lights, and unique "50 years of M" livery.

Ac schnitzer bmw m4 9

BMW M4 Competition will receive 602bhp from AC Schnitzer

On 04/03/2022

The BMW M4 Competition, with its 3.0-litre twin-turbo straight-six engine producing 503bhp and 479lb ft of torque, is fairly powerful by most people's standards.

2012 bmw m3 dtm 1

Sinister bmw m3 dtm concept

On 19/02/2022

Last week, the world saw the concept version of BMW's entry for the 2012 Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft (DTM) series, which is based partly on the existing E92 M3.


The M8 Gran Coupe is given a makeover by Zacoe

On 13/01/2022

Just when you thought 'BMW' and 'looks terrible' were no longer trending on Twitter, along comes Zacoe with a modification of the M8 Gran Coupe that will, shall we say, 'question' conventional knowledge.

G5m cs bi turbo 07

Your BMW M5 CS can now produce up to 900 horsepower

On 11/01/2022

Are you dissatisfied with your new BMW M5 CS, which is the most powerful M vehicle ever produced?
Think 626 horsepower, 553 pound-feet of torque, and a 0-62mph time of 2.9 seconds is a tad slow?
You'll need to visit German tuner G-Power...

Manhart mh8 700 cabriolet website 2

Manhart BMW 8 Series cabriolet with 700 BHP

On 25/11/2021

If someone ever tells you that the 616bhp BMW M8 Competition convertible isn't powerful enough, point them to the MH8 700 Cabrio from German tuner Manhart.