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Totem automobili is set to complete the production of its gt series model gtamodificata 1

Totem Automobili is set to complete the production of its GT series model, 'GTAmodificata'

On 27/02/2024

Only five units will be manufactured, each priced at nearly one million pounds. Despite the seemingly exorbitant cost, the capabilities of this contemporary take on Alfa's classic racer are truly remarkable.

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Singer recently completed their 300th porsche and it s stunning 1

Singer recently completed their 300th Porsche, and it's stunning

On 17/02/2024

Some of the most exquisitely styled Porches in the world are crafted by Singer.

Eneos xke 2jz rear1

The Jaguar E-Type with a 2JZ Supra engine producing 750bhp

On 04/11/2023

ENEOS, a Japanese manufacturer of gearbox and motor oil, has unveiled a Jaguar E-Type that, to be honest, has long since ceased to be a Jaguar E-Type.

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1933 duesenberg twenty grand on jay lenos garage 100877593 h

20 Grand Duesenberg makes a stop at Jay Lenos' garage

On 20/03/2023

The Duesenberg featured in this "Jay Leno's Garage" and it stands out from the rest.

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Modified datsun 240z

Modified Datsun 240Z just sold for over $120,000

On 09/03/2023

A 240Z charity sale was Bring a Trailer's 100,000th listing, and it sold for a significant sum of money.

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Image 01

View Singer's initial redesign of the Porsche 911 Turbo

On 13/11/2022

A 503bhp, twin-turbo flat six putting all of its ponies through a six-speed manual transmission to the rear wheels makes this a genuine Porsche 911 Turbo.

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Li1455948 singer911 0 02

Singer no longer accepts orders for their reinvented Porsche 964

On 19/10/2022

Although there are many alternatives available when it comes to selecting a "reimagined" or modified vintage Porsche 911, Singer Vehicle Design won't be offering any in the near future.

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Retro designs 1954 bel air front view 1

$350,000 Chevrolet Bel Air with 640 horsepower

On 05/06/2022

Retro Designs in North Carolina has fitted a supercharged 6.2-litre V8 to a first-generation Bel Air.

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First bentley t series 100837338 h

The very first T-series ever made is being restored by Bentley

On 17/04/2022

Bentley is refurbishing its original T-Series, a product that has kept the company afloat for the past 15 years.

Ford gt40 electric conversion by everrati 100799633 h

Everrati Reveals Completed ford gt40 electric conversion

On 27/02/2022

Governments are pushing for the removal of internal-combustion engines, and we may see classic cars being phased out at some point.

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Lamborghini countach from the cannonball run movie hagerty drivers foundation photos 100827785 h

Cannonball Countach is the subject of a full-length documentary film

On 23/02/2022

The Hagerty Drivers Foundation has released its second full-length documentary feature film, titled "The Cannonball Run Countach: Supercar Legend," which focuses on the 1979 Lamborghini Countach, which was recently admitted into the National Historic Vehicle Register.

1976 chevrolet corvette restomod by hardcore engine builders 100829305 h

This 1976 Chevrolet Corvette restomod features C5 and C6 hardware and is for sale

On 18/02/2022

This 1976 Chevrolet Corvette isn't exactly what it appears to be.

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Ford gt 100829039 h

Ford gt is down to the last 250 cars

On 13/02/2022

The Ford GT is nearing the end of its production run. Ford spokesman Jiyan Cadiz said in an interview Thursday at the Chicago Auto Show that the 2022 model year will be its final, and car number 1,100 out of 1,350 recently rolled off the assembly line.