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Carmen sagrera hispano 1

The Carmen Sagrera: Hispano Suiza's Latest Electric Hypercar Debuts

By On 15/06/2024

Historic Spanish automaker Hispano Suiza has unveiled the latest evolution of its Carmen electric hypercar, aptly named the Carmen Sagrera.

Alpine unveils new a290 2 1

Alpine Unveils New A290 Hot Hatch and Plans for Seven EV Models

By On 13/06/2024

Alpine, known for its A110 sports car, is embarking on a significant expansion, planning to introduce seven new models, all of which will be electric vehicles (EVs).

Aspark sp600 02

Aspark Unveils the Owl SP600: A New Contender for the World's Fastest EV

By On 13/06/2024

Japan's Aspark is pushing the boundaries of electric hypercar performance with a new, more potent version of its Owl model. The enhanced edition, known as the Owl SP600, has made headlines with its astonishing top speed during recent testing.

Up fit begins converting tesla cybertrucks for police use

UP.FIT Begins Converting Tesla Cybertrucks for Police Use

By On 11/06/2024

UP.FIT  has announced its latest project, modifying Tesla Cybertrucks for police duty. These specialized patrol vehicles will feature an array of police-specific equipment including lights, sirens, advanced radio and computer systems, and an optional front push bar.

Hyundai electric ioniq 5 n takes on pikes peak 1

Hyundai Electric Ioniq 5 N Takes on Pikes Peak

By On 31/05/2024

At the international launch of the Ioniq 5 N, there were a few coy smiles around the dinner table. Senior Hyundai engineers confirmed the company’s plans to participate in Pikes Peak this summer but withheld the details.

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Jeep unveils rugged electric wagoneer s trailhawk concept 1

Jeep Unveils Rugged Electric Wagoneer S Trailhawk Concept

By On 31/05/2024

The Wagoneer S Trailhawk Concept is built to tackle challenging landscapes. Jeep has significantly enhanced the standard Wagoneer S's running gear, combining advanced hardware and software.

Callum skye the electric sports car built for any terrain 1

Meet the Callum Skye: The Electric Sports Car Built for Any Terrain

By On 20/05/2024

Introducing the Callum Skye, this electric all-terrain sports car, masterfully crafted by renowned ex-Jaguar designer Ian Callum, is now available for order.

Gm president teases the electrifying return of the iconic chevy camaro

GM President Teases the Electrifying Return of the Iconic Chevy Camaro

By On 17/05/2024

The era of the Chevrolet Camaro, a gasoline-powered icon since 1967, has come to an end. Production ceased in December 2023, leaving the future of this legendary nameplate shrouded in uncertainty.

Bmw neue klasse electric m3 4 1

Revolutionizing BMW's Neue Klasse: Unveiling the Electric M3 of Tomorrow

By On 09/05/2024

This remarkable innovation originates from the creative genius of Fully Leaded, drawing inspiration from the Neue Klasse sedan concept. The visionary designer aptly christened it the BMW Vision Neue Klasse M.

Cutting edge carbon fiber aero kit for the tesla model 3 1

Cutting-Edge Carbon Fiber Aero Kit for the Tesla Model 3

By On 04/05/2024

Upgrade your Tesla Model 3 today and experience the perfect blend of form and function with this Carbon Fiber Aero Package. Transform the appearance of your Tesla Model 3 and set yourself apart from the crowd.