Suzuki jimny by twisted automotive

Plans to alter the Suzuki Jimny have been announced by Twisted Automotive

On 18/05/2023

Modifier headquartered in Yorkshire Twisted, known for its extensive experience modifying Land Rover Defenders, has revealed its plans to alter a Suzuki Jimny.

The new off road ready volkswagen multivan4

The New Off-Road Ready Volkswagen Multivan

On 04/03/2023

It looks just like this: a brand-new VW T7 Multivan with some all-terrain accessories.

In Jeeps
Modified mercedes benz g class with a puffer jacket2

Modified Mercedes-Benz G-Class with a puffer jacket

On 02/03/2023

The newest essential gadget from Mercedes-Benz has been unveiled to assist G-Class owners in keeping their 4x4s warm during these chilly, gloomy months.


The Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato

On 23/10/2022

The ideal supercar for the current world is soon to be released by Lamborghini.


Modified Ford Bronco ‘ProRunner’

On 22/10/2022

This is not your typical Ford Bronco, as the image and perhaps the headline may have hinted.

Russellbuilt safari sportsman 21 0

This revolutionary package will transform your Porsche 964 into a monster off-roader

On 07/06/2022

Russell Built is back with a new product that has sparked our attention.

Darkhorse00041 scaled

Ford Bronco pickup truck with six wheels

On 13/03/2022

The first 'Dark Horse' 6x6 construction from Apocalypse Manufacturing is up for auction.


This 'Beast' Hyundai Tucson appears in the new Uncharted film

On 05/02/2022

Hyundai has unveiled the 'Beast,' a new version of its famous and extremely practical Tucson family SUV.

2022 ford shelby raptor 100825604 h

The 2022 Ford Shelby Raptor arrives with 525 horsepower

On 23/01/2022

The Shelby American version of the current Ford F-150 Raptor has been revealed, with increased power and aggression.

Toyota land cruiser 300 series by tjm front corner

A tuner creates a powerful Toyota Land Cruiser for off-road adventures

On 28/12/2021

A large brush bar, several skid plates, and enhanced suspension components are all included.


The new Ford Bronco has been given 405bhp by Hennessey

On 20/07/2021

The Hennessey treatment has previously been applied to the internet's hottest off-roader that isn't a Defender.
Welcome to the Hennessey VelociRaptor 400 Bronco, the – deep breath – Hennessey VelociRaptor 400 Bronco.