Lanzante s 625hp tag championship debuts at goodwood 2 1

Lanzante's 625hp TAG Championship Debuts at Goodwood

By On 07/06/2024

Lanzante has once again pushed the boundaries of automotive engineering with the introduction of the TAG Championship.

Porsche unveils hybrid 911

Porsche Unveils Hybrid 911: A New Era for an Icon

By On 28/05/2024

Porsche is no stranger to evolution. Over the years, the iconic 911 has seen numerous groundbreaking changes, from the introduction of electric power steering in the 991 to turbocharged Carreras and a comprehensive interior overhaul with the 992.

2019 porsche 911 gt2 rs clubsport up for auction 1

2019 Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport Up for Auction

By On 27/05/2024

If you’re a Porsche enthusiast with a drive for track days, this 2019 Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport might just be your dream car.

Porsche nine zero four a fusion of cayman 911 and 904 7

Porsche Nine Zero Four: A Fusion of Cayman, 911, and 904

By On 24/05/2024

Porsche is gearing up for the 992.2 mid-cycle refresh of the current 911 generation, teasing enthusiasts with subtle design tweaks, boosted power, and tech upgrades.

Unveiling the latest from porsche 911

Revolutionary Hybrid Power: Unveiling the Latest from Porsche 911

By On 13/05/2024

For quite some time, the buzz surrounding the prospect of a Porsche 911 hybrid has been steadily building, echoing through the halls of automotive enthusiasts worldwide. However, the moment of truth draws tantalizingly close, mere weeks away from the grand unveiling of a groundbreaking electrified iteration of this revered sports car legend.

Discovering the vintage porsche 911 turbo concept from the 1973 frankfurt auto show 2 1

Discovering the Vintage Porsche 911 Turbo Concept from the 1973 Frankfurt Auto Show

By On 10/05/2024

In the spotlight of the 1973 Frankfurt auto show, Porsche unveiled its ambitious project: a high-performance rendition of the iconic 911. This groundbreaking model boasted a turbocharged flat-6 engine, hinting at a new era of power and innovation.

The 2022 porsche 718 cayman gt4 rs clubsport roars into auction 7 1

The 2022 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS Clubsport Roars into Auction

By On 08/05/2024

The adrenaline rush of high-performance racing is a siren call to many automotive enthusiasts, and the allure of owning a machine built for the track is undeniable.

Modified road legal porsche 911 carrera s 9 1

A Road-Legal Porsche 911 Carrera S Transformed into a Winged Wonder by Indecent Tuning

By On 29/04/2024

This customized 991-generation Porsche 911 Carrera S, now road-legal, boasts such an extensive wing setup that it's almost reminiscent of an aircraft.

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Porsche cayenne gts 11 1

Porsche Unveils Enhanced Cayenne GTS with 500hp V8 Engine

By On 22/04/2024

Introducing the Power-Packed Cayenne GTS and GTS Coupé Models, Sporting a Mighty 4L Twin-Turbo V8 Engine, Delivering a Commanding 500 hp Performance!

Techart s 790 hp porsche 911 turbo s is truly impressive 1

Techart's 790-HP Porsche 911 Turbo S is truly impressive

By On 11/03/2024

Techart's comprehensive body kit and engine enhancements elevate the 911 Turbo S to unprecedented levels.