Production of the Wild Praga Bohema hypercar begins

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Over the years, numerous new supercars and hypercars have been unveiled, but very few of them are put into production.


The wild Praga Bohema

The newest design from Czech race car expert Praga is the Bohema. Just 89 of these lightweight two-seaters will be produced, a figure determined at the Bohema's 2022 launch to commemorate the 89th anniversary of Praga's historic victory in the 1933 1000 Miles of Czechoslovakia event. They are at home on the road and at the racecourse.

Production will take place at Praga's Czech headquarters over a four-year period. The initial buyers will receive their deliveries of the vehicle this year, including those in the United States, for a price starting at 1.36 million euros, or roughly $1.5 million.

Production has commenced after a protracted development programme with top race drivers, such as Ben Collins, the original "Top Gear" Stig, and former Formula 1 driver and current IndyCar star Romain Grosjean.

While the Bohema's engine is taken from the Nissan GT-R's twin-turbo 3.8-liter V-6, the vehicle itself was designed from the ground up. Litchfield Engineering in the United Kingdom performed the necessary adjustments to boost the engine's power to 700 horsepower in the Bohema. Two of the improvements are a titanium exhaust that flows from the turbos back and a dry sump lubrication system.

Drive is only applied to the rear wheels of the engine, which is situated behind the cabin and mated to a Hewland sequential gearbox. Due to its lightweight design, the car only weighs 2,165 pounds, giving it a power-to-weight ratio that is higher than that of many race cars and most supercars.

In order to guarantee that the vehicle produces about 2,000 pounds of downforce at speeds close to 155 mph, the aerodynamics have also been fine-tuned. Pirelli Trofeo Rs are the tyres that come standard.

Performance claims include a top speed of over 186 mph and a 0-62 mph time of less than 3.5 seconds.


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