Discover the Bold New Look of the Ineos Grenadier

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British firms like Twisted and Bowler have thrived by enhancing this iconic vehicle. Bowler’s success led to its Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) acquisition.

Ineos Grenadier

Discover the bold new look of the ineos grenadier 1

Jim Ratcliffe's creation, the Ineos Grenadier, has quickly caught the attention of the aftermarket community. While modifying the Grenadier’s styling might seem redundant, given its homage to the classic Land Rover Defender, its rugged design makes it a perfect candidate for enhancements. The Chelsea Truck Company, a subsidiary of the bold Kahn Group, has recently seized this opportunity by unveiling a new styling package for the Grenadier.

Following their success with several prototype builds, the Chelsea Truck Company now offers a comprehensive package that includes 18-inch or 20-inch RS-Forged alloy wheels, wide wheel arches, a redesigned front grille, a rear roof wing, and a twin exhaust system featuring their ‘signature crosshair tailpipes. While the specifics of these tailpipes might remain a bit mysterious, their purpose is clear, to amplify the Grenadier’s already imposing visual presence.

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From certain perspectives, these modifications are quite striking, and on the Kahn scale of bold design choices, they are relatively subtle, even if the massive Monster Truck tyres take some getting used to.

"This styling package is designed to transform the Grenadier by elevating its classic design. Each component has been specifically crafted with the end user in mind, offering simplicity in execution while delivering significant aesthetic enhancements and improvements to the vehicle”

Says CEO Afzal Kahn. It’s anyone’s guess how Ineos feels about these aftermarket enhancements. Land Rover has historically been critical of such modifications, despite occasionally borrowing ideas from them.

Mr. Kahn likely understands his clientele better than anyone, both in terms of their aesthetic preferences and their willingness to invest in these upgrades. Given that many former Defender owners have now become Grenadier buyers, it’s likely that this new wave of modifications will attract a similarly dedicated following.

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For those eager to dive into the world of Grenadier customization, the secondhand market offers a vast range of options. Whether you’re a nostalgic Defender enthusiast or a new Grenadier owner, there’s plenty of potential to personalize your vehicle to match your unique style and needs. Whether enhancing the Grenadier’s rugged appeal or adding a personal flair, the aftermarket scene will help you transform your vehicle into something truly unique.

The Ineos Grenadier is following in the footsteps of its iconic predecessor, the Land Rover Defender, as a beloved vehicle for customization enthusiasts. The efforts by companies like the Chelsea Truck Company demonstrate that the spirit of innovation and personalization remains strong in the automotive world, ensuring that these vehicles continue to capture the imaginations of car lovers everywhere.


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