Classic Style, Modern Power: Audi A3 Sedan by Fahrzeugtechnik EFF

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The saying "everything old is new again" holds true, and nowhere is this more evident than in the resurgence of drop-centre wheels. Once hugely popular, these wheels have seen a decline in the rim market in recent years.

Audi A3 Sedan by Fahrzeugtechnik EFF

Classic style modern power audi a3 sedan by fahrzeugtechnik eff

This project showcases an Audi A3 sedan from the GY series, elegantly paired with the high-quality Voltec T6 wheels from the Barracuda Racing Wheels range. The combination of a modern car model with classic rims creates a striking aesthetic that blends retro charm with contemporary style.

The Voltec T6 is a standout in the Barracuda Racing Wheels lineup, known for its enduring appeal. Despite the shift in market trends, these drop-center wheels have remained a staple for many enthusiasts. Fahrzeugtechnik EFF, in collaboration with Barracuda Racing Wheels and JMS Fahrzeugteile, installed the Voltec T6 in a size of 8.5x19 inches on the Audi sedan. The wheels feature seven-centimeter deep stainless steel beds with a polished, shiny silver finish that contrasts sharply with the glossy black Y-spoke stars. This bold design choice complements the white paintwork of the Audi, creating a visually arresting look.

Classic style modern power audi a3 sedan by fahrzeugtechnik eff 2

The Audi A3 is further enhanced with 235/35R19 tires, and its stance is lowered by approximately 35 millimeters thanks to H&R lowering springs. This modification not only improves the car's aesthetics but also its handling and performance. Additional individual touches include a front spoiler lip and a rear apron with four distinctive vertical fins, both finished in glossy black.

Classic style modern power audi a3 sedan by fahrzeugtechnik eff 3

This project by Fahrzeugtechnik EFF exemplifies how classic design elements can be seamlessly integrated into modern vehicles, creating a fusion that appeals to both vintage enthusiasts and contemporary car lovers. The result is a vehicle that not only stands out on the road but also pays homage to automotive history while embracing modern advancements.



Tiefbettfelge für den Audi A3 GY Limousine by @barracudawheels

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