Cutting-Edge Carbon Fiber Aero Kit for the Tesla Model 3

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Upgrade your Tesla Model 3 today and experience the perfect blend of form and function with this Carbon Fiber Aero Package. Transform the appearance of your Tesla Model 3 and set yourself apart from the crowd.

Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Aero Kit

Cutting edge carbon fiber aero kit for the tesla model 3 1

This California-based tuning company has unleashed a dynamic aftermarket enhancement for the Model 3, transforming its appearance with a bold and aggressive stance. The front end has been notably lowered, giving the vehicle a strikingly fierce presence. A redesigned rear diffuser and a substantial rear wing have been added, catering to track enthusiasts seeking maximum downforce.

The carbon fiber kit is designed to be versatile, offering modularity where each component can be purchased individually, or as part of either a front-end kit or a comprehensive aero pack. This flexibility allows owners to customize the level of aggressiveness they desire for their electric vehicle.

Utilizing advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD), each piece of the kit was meticulously crafted in a virtual digital space before being brought to life using pre-preg carbon fiber. This cutting-edge approach ensures a seamless integration with the existing form of the Model 3 Performance, providing both aesthetic appeal and functional performance enhancements.

Cutting edge carbon fiber aero kit for the tesla model 3 4 1

Preorders for the aero kit are open now, with anticipated shipping scheduled for later this year.

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