Honda S2000 powered by a 302 horsepower Civic Type R engine

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Honda's Type R line of sports vehicles quickly established a legendary stature; there are Type R versions of the Integra, Civic, NSX, and even the Accord.


Honda S2000 powered by a Civic Type R engine

The S2000 is one model, though, that was never offered as a Type R. "Up until now!"

This is probably the finest tale you'll read today. The vehicle seen above is chassis #000 of Evasive's brand-new, limited-edition restomod S2000R, which is also the company's own S2000 Type R.

There is a 2.0-liter turbo four-pot engine with 302 horsepower from the FK8 Civic Type R under the hood, so it's a little bit more than simply an S2000 that's been modified. That represents a significant gain when compared to the 237bhp of the original S2000.

Ted78877 20copy 202Additionally, an Origin Fab titanium exhaust system and a carbon fibre Mugen air intake are included. Everything is integrated by a MoTeC ECU, although the S2000's normal six-speed manual gearbox is still present. However, a Koyo Racing radiator and a limited slip differential are included.

According to the press announcement, "Evasive wanted the S2000R to be fun." To that purpose, there are also new chassis braces, upgraded suspension bushings, KW Clubsport coilovers, and Eibach anti-roll bars. Brembo brakes are installed below the 18-inch forged wheels.

A 20th Anniversary Edition front bumper, a modified front lip, bigger front arches, a carbon fibre bonnet and boot lid, Spoon aero mirrors, and the enormous carbon rear wing are all featured on the S2000R's significantly updated appearance. The S2000R's interior has carbon Recaro seats, carbon door cards, and an Alcantara-wrapped dash, but potential owners may pick and select the interior, exterior, and underside components of their choice.

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According to Mike Chang, co-president of Evasive Motorsports, "The S2000 is one of the best driver's cars ever produced." We had a goal to revamp the roadster and produce our ideal representation of what an S2000 Type R might be after 20 years of experience modifying the platform for the road and the track.

But hold on—there's more S2000 news coming out of Evasive today. In fact, the company has also stated that it plans to construct an S2000RS just for Pikes Peak. Yes, according to what we've been told, Dai Yoshihara will compete in the Open Class of 2023 in a Time Attack version of the powerful roadster with 650 horsepower. Should be quite unique.

S2000rsThe race car's original F20 engine from the S2000 has been bored out to 2.4 litres and turbocharged to produce the enormous power output. Then, a sequential gearbox, Yokohama racing tyres, and more elaborate KW dampers are added. View the plans in the illustration above.



World's 1st Civic Type R Powered Honda S2000


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