Rolls-Royce Cullinan that's been modified with 3D-printed panels

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On 1016 Industries' brand new '3D-printed' Rolls-Royce Cullinan, there's an interesting amount of wheel-arch clearance.

Of course, this isn't a 3D-printed Rolls-Royce Cullinan – Rolls-Royce may have something to say about that – but rather an RR with a lot of 3D-printed panels.

Panels made of carbon fibre are also available.
The Miami-based tuner has a long history of conducting CF modifications on a variety of exotic supercars.
It has now applied its extensive experience to Rolls-'high-sided Royce's car.'
Yes, it's a bit on the high side.
Perhaps not so much when it comes to navigating speed bumps.

The lower half of the Cullinan's front has been restyled, and the redesigned SUV sports new running lights as well.
From there, 1016 has installed what it calls "sweeping" arch flares, but you'll call "huge."
Though the car's rear end does not appear to have been significantly enlarged, there is a little bootlip spoiler and a new rear diffuser.

We don't know how much the Cullinan's kerbweight has been reduced as a result of all this carbon fibre.
The luxury SUV will be "lighter and stronger," according to 1016, and each car will be ready in "weeks, not months, not years."

Each modified Rolls-Royce Cullinan starts at half a million dollars, and production will be limited.
"Collectors can choose between non-exposed carbon materials, partially exposed carbon fibre, or super rare partially forged carbon fibre," 1016 explains.

"Every piece of forged carbon in our new Cullinan effortlessly blends into the current bodywork," said 1016 Industries CEO Peter Northrop.
We're ecstatic with the new Cullinan, which employs revolutionary manufacturing procedures that have never before been effectively implemented in the industry on such a large scale."

Sure, it's lighter and stronger, but those wheel arches don't appear to have much scale.

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