The Ford Bronco now boasts 415 horsepower and enormous wheels thanks to Manhart

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It appears that the German tuner is utilizing the Bronco marketed in Germany well.


Manhart Ford Bronco 415bhp

Ford revealed in July of last year that the Bronco would eventually reach Europe in late 2023, but that it would only be available in "selected left-hand drive European markets" and in restricted quantities. Germany is one of those markets, and local tuner Manhart wasted no time in obtaining the retro SUV.

The smaller 2.7-litre V6 has been given an increase in power to 415 bhp and 502 lb-ft of torque by Manhart since the Bronco Raptor with its 400 bhp+ 3.0-litre EcoBoost V6 won't be available in Germany. An upgraded intercooler, new cold air intakes, a new sports exhaust system, and a new ECU are responsible for that increase.

In order to increase the Bronco's stopping ability, the newly named Manhart BC 400 also receives a Brembo brake system on the front axle and enormous 22-inch wheels covered in Renegade R7 off-road tyres.

Its expanded wheelarches have been painted the new body colour of Sun Yellow, and the interior has been retrimmed in black and yellow with Alcantara on the dashboard and steering wheel. This particular vehicle is based on the Bronco Badlands.

The BC 400, according to Manhart, will only be produced in 10 units. Alternatively, you can purchase individual parts and create your own customised Bronco. The cost of those wheels is €9,350, as are the side steps, the power upgrade's ECU, €3,515 and the exhaust system, which costs well over €10,000. This might get costly.


Ford Bronco MANHART BC 400 Limited - Wild SUV!


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