This Honda CR-V is a twin-turbo nutcase

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This specific CR-V has obviously been designed to be the complete opposite of the CR-V in every way.


CR-V Hybrid Racer

Reliability? Well, assuming you have a crew of mechanics on hand who are skilled in maintaining a 2.2-liter, twin-turbo hybrid V6 taken from an IndyCar.
However, this might be outside the scope of your typical mechanic.

There are certainly significant benefits to this new CR-V equation, despite a few roadblocks to daily driving (including the little issue that this is a one-off produced by Honda, and you'd have an easier time attempting to buy the moon). We'll be the ones to decide whether or not the aforementioned IndyCar engine and a special fuel blend that Shell describes as "100% renewable" actually offer the claimed benefits of 800 horsepower.

The hybrid system uses a pair of supercapacitors in place of batteries so that they may deliver electrons to the electric motor whenever the driver presses a button to request them. The advantage of capacitors in this situation—and in Racing, for that matter—is that they're lighter and have a faster rate of energy delivery than batteries. Why not utilise them in all electric vehicles, then? The batteries can hold more energy per weight overall, while capacitors can store and distribute charge more fast. It enables an electric push-to-pass feature in actual use.

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There is a space frame chassis, NSX GT3 front suspension and brakes, and Dallara IndyCar rear suspension with specially sized Brembo brakes (insider tip: Dallara manufactures all IndyCar chassis). Honda's North American racing division provides the IndyCar-ready powertrain, Xtrac handles the gearshifts, and McLaren provides the engine control unit.

All things considered, it's a fairly unique piece of equipment. The fact that a CR-V might have been anyone's notion of fun makes this even more unique.


CR-V Hybrid Racer Reveal



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