Ford Bronco pickup truck with six wheels

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The first 'Dark Horse' 6x6 construction from Apocalypse Manufacturing is up for auction.

Apocalypse Production.
Isn't that an interesting name for a car company?

The Florida-based corporation, on the other hand, isn't exactly known for its common or garden crossings.
Take, for example, the Dark Horse, a six-wheeled, six-wheel drive Ford Bronco pickup truck with 400 horsepower.

This is the first one they've made, and if you think a 6x6 would suit your lifestyle (what are you doing? ), it'll be auctioned off in April at the Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach sale.

Apocalypse cuts up a Bronco and adds nearly a metre of more steel and fibreglass body panelling, as well as its revolutionary centre tandem axle, to create the ominously dubbed Dark Horse.
The finished result is a 5.7-meter-long monster with a 1.5-meter-long pickup bed.

A retractable fibreglass hardtop replaces the Bronco's regular rag top canopy, and there's a four-inch suspension raise, as well as 20-inch wheels and 37-inch Patagonia tyres.

The rear four wheels are always powered, while the fronts can be used if you're stuck for a long time.
Mounting a tall kerb, on the other hand, might be the most off-roading any of these will do in their lives.

The Bronco's detachable doors are still operable, and Apocalypse has reupholstered the interior in weatherproof'marine grade' leather.

There are rumours of a 700bhp Coyote V8 upgrade in the works, but for now, the Bronco's 2.7-litre twin-turbo V6 is getting an ECU remap, larger injectors, and a new exhaust to hit the 400bhp mark.

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