Watch Travis Pastrana accelerate an 862-hp Subaru to 165 mph

shawn By On 08/02/2023 at 19:17

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With one of the wildest Gymkhana episodes in the series, Travis Pastrana has actually delivered his ode to sideways heroism.

Pastrana is succeeding Ken Block, and his assignment is to take a basic Subaru GL Wagon, put a lot of power in it, ask buddies with helicopters, planes, and monster trucks for help, and then unleash pandemonium.

We would say that the job was done thoroughly. At the vehicle's unveiling earlier this year, Pastrana remarked, "The GL Wagon is a classic Subaru that I thought would be really rad to see flying through the air." This is perhaps the most literal way to describe his most recent video. Especially in light of the article's subtitle, "Travis Pastrana goes crazy in Florida."



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