Is the New Lancia's design suitable for a rebadged Mazda Miata?

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Visual artists continue to create their proposals despite the fact that Lancia's grand comeback might not feature a roadster.

Lancia Rebadged Mazda Miata Render

Lancia aurelia spider render 1s 1536x864The latest iteration of the Lancia Ypsilon has initiated the highly awaited revival of the Italian marque, which is set to progress with the introduction of the Gamma crossover in 2026 and the Delta hatchback in 2028. Nevertheless, devoted Lancia enthusiasts are hopeful for the comeback of more performance-oriented models such as the Stratos, Fulvia, or Aurelia Spider. The latter has been visualized in a series of illustrations crafted by Theophilus Chin.

Chin found himself without a proper RWD platform in Stellantis' range for this project, so he turned to the Mazda MX-5 ND for inspiration, recalling the previous partnership with the now-defunct Fiat 124 Spider. By incorporating Lancia's latest design elements, the digital artist reimagined a contemporary version of the Aurelia Spider in the form of a roadster.


The backside is likely the most attractive, showcasing circular LED taillights and a built-in spoiler.

While the crossover-style glossy black fenders borrowed from the Lancia Ypsilon may not be perfect for a low-riding roadster, they do complement the mirrors and windshield frame. Moving to the front, we encounter the illuminated Calice grille with split LED headlights positioned at the corner of the elongated hood.

Lastly, the fictional renderings depict a retractable soft roof.

The original Lancia Aurelia B24 Spider made its debut in 1954, and two years later, the slightly enhanced Aurelia B24 Convertible was introduced, featuring subtle modifications to its exterior design.

Both of these two-door Aurelia variants were manufactured in limited quantities, making any existing example in excellent condition highly valuable in today's market. Currently, the prospect of a contemporary Lancia Aurelia convertible seems highly improbable.

However, if the Lancia "Renaissance" project proves successful and yields the desired financial outcomes, the company might contemplate expanding its lineup by incorporating additional models, albeit with zero-emission powertrains.


Lancia Aurelia Roadster

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