Ferrari faces a lawsuit in the United States regarding an alleged brake defect

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Ferrari is currently being sued by certain customers in the United States. These customers argue that the company failed to address brake problems that they believe could result in a partial or complete loss of braking ability.

Ferrari Faces Lawsuits from US Customers

Ferrari faces a lawsuit in the united states regarding an alleged brake defectThe lawsuit, known as Nechev v. Ferrari North America Inc et al, was initially brought to light by Reuters and is being heard in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of California, under case number 24-00516.

The primary concern revolves around the brake fluid reservoir cap, which is a component obtained from Bosch. There is a possibility of brake fluid leakage from this cap, which can ultimately result in brake failure.

Bosch, being the supplier, is also implicated in this matter. In 2021, Ferrari initiated a recall for the faulty cap, and subsequently, in 2022, they voluntarily extended the recall. However, as per the recently filed proposed class action in a federal court in San Diego, the remedy implemented during the recalls was merely a temporary solution and did not address certain additional brake problems.

Ferrari faces a lawsuit in the united states regarding an alleged brake defect 1Multiple Ferrari models dating back to the 2005 model year were affected by the recalls. Iliya Nechev, a resident of California, is leading the proposed class action.

Nechev alleges that he encountered brake issues in a 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia that he purchased in 2020. According to Reuters, Nechev claims to have experienced brake issues multiple times and was advised by dealers that it was a "normal" occurrence and he should simply adapt to it.

Ferrari, in a statement to Reuters, emphasized that the safety of its customers is of utmost importance and that their vehicles always adhere to homologation specifications.

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