How to choose the best alloy wheels for your car

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Choosing the correct set of alloys can be difficult because there are so many different makes, models, sizes, forms, and materials available.


Want a new set of alloy wheels for your car?

The information you need to pick the ideal new wheels for your modified car is provided in this indispensable alloy wheel buying guide. We can assist you in selecting the alloys that are ideal for your vehicle, whether you're buying for performance or aesthetics.

How do alloy wheels work ?

A type of auto wheel known as alloy wheels are constructed from an alloy, such as aluminium or magnesium.
They are lighter and stronger than ordinary steel wheels, which can enhance handling and fuel efficiency.

Many new automobiles come standard with alloy wheels, especially high-end models and premium brands.
Moreover, OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) like Volkswagen and independent producers like Proline and Alutec sell them in the aftermarket.

The majority of individuals purchase alloy wheels to upgrade their vehicles, and it is true that they can offer a vehicle a sportier appearance.

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Are wheels and rims interchangeable terms?

Although they are very distinct, some people mistakenly use the phrases "wheels" and "rims" interchangeably. The complete metal object that makes up a wheel—rim, disc, hub, and everything else—is called a wheel. The outer edge of the tyre that holds it in place is called the rim, and it might be composed of steel, an alloy, or chrome.

Before we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of alloy versus steel wheels, a quick word about chrome rims is in order. Although choosing chrome for your automobile wheels may initially appear like the best option, it's crucial to keep in mind that you won't be receiving solid chrome. An alloy or steel wheel with a chrome finish is what you get when chrome rims are an option. The chrome coating, which is typically only used on show cars, may look fantastic but has no performance benefits.



Benefits and Drawbacks of Alloy Wheels


Improved Handling

Alloy wheels can significantly improve cornering and handling because they are more robust than steel wheels due to their construction. You can anticipate a tighter, more agile feeling on the road because alloys are essentially harder than normal steel wheels, which results in less roll and movement around the turns.


Do a lot of potholes exist where you live? With a brand-new set of alloy wheels on your car, you won't want to smash through them, but an alloy wheel is less likely to sustain damage than a steel wheel. Again, this comes down to how they were built; alloy wheels are stronger and ought to be more long-lasting in the long run, but steel wheels are softer and more likely to bend and buckle when they take a severe blow.

Improved Disc Brake Performance

A plastic wheel trim is placed over a vented cylinder that serves as a basic steel wheel. Although it is a common design on older or less priced cars, it does have some disadvantages. For instance, disc brakes function worse because they disperse heat more slowly due to inadequate ventilation. Disc brakes operate better on alloy wheels because they allow for better airflow.

Better Tyre Options

When it comes time to replace your tyres, you might find that you have a wider selection of tyre options depending on the alloys you select. Shop around to ensure the alloys you choose are suitable with a wide variety of tyres because certain wheel sizes have more tyre alternatives than others.

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Ride Comfort

Yet, if you're used to regular steel wheels, there may be a trade-off in ride comfort even though alloy wheels do increase handling. Due to alloy's tougher and "less forgiving" nature compared to steel, you could notice a little bit more vibration and tyre noise.


At an average cost of £65 to £250 per wheel, alloy wheels are one of the priciest automotive upgrades you can do. Yet, deals can be found, so look about and use price comparison websites to get the greatest offers. eBay is also a great option to find a decent set of second hand alloy wheels.

Other Overheads

The cost of tyres is an additional expense to take into account when purchasing alloys. Along with the cost of the alloys, you will also need to purchase a completely new set of tyres, and the cost of replacements may increase over time, particularly if you purchased alloys that can accommodate expensive, huge, low-profile tyres. Definitely something to consider before making a purchase.


One benefit of steel wheels is that you can easily replace the plastic trim when it starts to appear worn or becomes scratched, and frequently for a reasonable price.
With alloy wheels, which might be expensive to fix, this isn't the case. Remember not to bounce up and down any curbs if you choose a set!


Because adding alloy wheels to your vehicle is considered a modification, you must inform your insurer. Depending on your existing premium, this may have an impact on the cost you pay, and usually not in a good way. It's always preferable to be honest with your insurer because failing to do so could result in the cancellation of your insurance.

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What Alloy Wheels Suit My Vehicle?

Would you like to know which alloy wheels would fit your vehicle?

Here is a great free tool to check what alloy wheels fit your car:

There are a few methods for searching for alloy wheels, so you can find compatible makes and models for your car with ease. The many possibilities for purchasing a set of alloy wheels are examined below.


Finding Alloy Wheels by Size

The quickest and easiest method to go through a large selection of compatible alternatives is to search by size if you already know what size alloys you want. The smallest and largest alloys are stated in inches, with a range of 10 to 30.


Finding Alloy Wheels by Vehicle

Finding the ideal alloy wheels for your car is now simpler than ever thanks to the internet, where a variety of websites let you easily search for alloys that match the make and model of your vehicle. For the majority of cars, there are a variety of options available, but before you buy, double-check the size and compatibility of the wheels.


Finding Alloy Wheels by Registration Number

The quickest and most precise method for locating alloy wheels for your vehicle is by far the registration number. The majority of well-known alloy wheel suppliers allow you to enter your registration number and display sizing information so you can immediately confirm that you have the correct wheels.

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Purchasing and Installing Alloy Wheels

The next step, if you're decided on alloy wheels, is to purchase and install them.

Here is a detailed instruction on how to purchase alloy wheels online:

  1. Locate and buy the appropriate alloy wheels for your vehicle, and make sure they are entirely compatible and the correct size.
  2. Make an appointment for fitting; often, when you purchase a set of alloys, they are not brought to your home. As an alternative, you will schedule a fitting at a service partner, such as a nearby garage, where the alloys will be delivered.
  3. Attend the fitting — After receiving notification that the alloy wheels have arrived at your preferred garage, bring your car in to have them installed. Depending on the garage, this could take from an hour to a half.

Although this isn't always the case, it does provide some insight into what to anticipate when buying alloy wheels online.

After making an investment in alloys, it is worthwhile to maintain them so that they last a long time and keep their aesthetic appeal.

To remove filth and prevent corrosion, use an acid-free cleaner.





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