The Ultimate Guide to Car Modifications

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Should you be interested in enhancing your car's exhaust, suspension, or sound system, please refer to our informative guide which outlines the regulations and necessary procedures for modifying your vehicle.

Car modifications you can undertake

Choices will determine which changes you should concentrate on right now.


Header image stanced vehicleTo create the illusion of a malfunctioning vehicle, consider setting aside spare change in the designated "my air suspension" fund. Focus on enhancing your suspension and wheel setup for optimal performance. Additionally, make external adjustments to highlight the unique curves and contours of your car, and explore engine tuning for added horsepower.

Performance Focused

If you desire a car with a more aggressive appearance resembling a track beast, then you should strive to maximize the performance of your engine. In the case of a naturally aspirated (NA) engine, you will need to incorporate a turbocharger and an intercooler. Additionally, it is advisable to invest in high-quality tires and enhance the suspension for improved stability.

Before we start modifying cars

In this section, we will explore common modifications carried out by car enthusiasts. It is important to note that not all of these changes may apply to your vehicle, and you are not required to complete them in the order presented. Keeping this in mind, let's retrieve that old ratchet set!

Air Intake System

What is a car air intake and the working principle of a car air intake system 1024x768

Replacing your typical air filter, which is usually made of paper, with a high-performance air filter from K&N can result in a slight enhancement in air flow, albeit not significant. This upgrade will provide a modest increase in performance, but the major benefit lies in the amplified engine noise that you will experience when you press down on the accelerator pedal. This is truly remarkable!

So should I get a performance air filter?

Certainly, if you do not require the additional power and simply desire a slight increase in volume. Moreover, the installation of either option does not require expert ninja abilities. Consider opting for a Short Ram Intake or a Cold Air Intake if you seek additional power.

Short Ram Intakes & Induction Kits

In this scenario, cold air intakes prove to be beneficial. By investing in an induction kit or a Short Ram Intake, which typically consists of fresh pipe work and a cone-shaped air filter, you may incur additional expenses. These modifications serve as a direct replacement for your OEM air box. Consequently, you will experience a slight increase in horsepower, although not significantly. However, the primary concern lies in the fact that the new induction system draws air from the heated engine compartment. It is only when your vehicle reaches higher speeds that the cool air begins to flow in.

Cold Air Intake

Short Ram Intakes feature shorter piping and draw air from a distinct section of the engine bay, ensuring it is kept away from the heat. On the other hand, Cold Air Intakes utilize longer pipework and pull air from a different area of the engine bay, also away from the heat. This can occur at any point between the ground and the front bumper. As the intake consistently brings in cooler air, it results in increased power across a broader range of speeds. However, it is important to note that these benefits come with a higher price tag. Cold Air Intakes are typically more expensive than Short Ram Intakes due to the additional piping required and the fact that they are generally more challenging to install.

Short Ram Intake vs Cold Air Intake

If both of these intake systems are available at a comparable price, we generally lean towards opting for a cold air intake. However, if your car is not currently equipped with a turbocharger and you intend to install one, we advise against installing a new induction system. This is because many turbo kits come with their own intake system.

Exhaust System

Modified Exhuast SystemThe alteration of your exhaust is a common occurrence. The level of noise it produces can be quite significant. If you desire a louder and larger exhaust, as previously mentioned, it is important to select the appropriate one for your engine. It is often mistakenly believed that larger exhausts decrease back pressure, negatively affecting performance. However, this belief is not entirely accurate.


Resonator Delete vs Muffler Delete

If you desire to minimize noise, one option is to eliminate the muffler or resonator and substitute it with a straight pipe. By removing the resonator, you will experience an increase in noise, but if you retain the stock muffler, the increase will be minimal. However, be cautious of the potential for a bothersome droning sound at consistent RPM ranges if you choose to remove the resonator. To achieve a louder sound while minimizing drone, you may want to consider either removing the muffler or constructing a custom muffler. It is important to note that removing the muffler will result in more noise compared to using the resonator alone.


Should I Upgrade My Downpipe

If you own a turbocharged vehicle, the installation of a performance down pipe can prove to be highly beneficial. This is primarily due to the fact that you aim to minimize any restrictions in the exhaust pipe of the turbocharger. Typically, a standard down pipe consists of multiple bends, some of which are restrictive and can cause crushing. However, by installing a mandrel bent down pipe with a larger diameter, you can effectively enhance the airflow.


Installing a Turbo Kit

Turboturbos 85586 driving turbocharged vehicle blogbanner1 1200x1200It is not recommended to make any engine modifications before installing a turbo kit if your car does not already have a turbo. Once the turbo is installed, you can begin the building process. Many turbo systems include a high-performance intake, and you can further enhance air flow by adding a turbo back exhaust system.


Cars with a stock turbo

If your vehicle is already equipped with a turbocharger, whether it is a factory-installed one or added by a previous owner, the modifications required are straightforward. Firstly, ensure to inspect the air inlet and substitute it with a cold air intake for improved performance. Additionally, incorporate a large mandrel bent exhaust system and a high-flow downpipe. Subsequently, the engine can be fine-tuned to deliver enhanced power and increased boost.


Tuning and Re-Mapping

Remapping your automobile is the most effective way to enhance its performance. In order to cater to specific markets and target audiences, many manufacturers intentionally decrease the power of their vehicles. Consequently, most engines can be remapped to unlock the additional power that the manufacturer had intentionally limited. Selecting a reputable tuner is of utmost importance in this matter. Engaging with an inexperienced tuner can potentially damage your engine, hence it is imperative to thoroughly research and choose wisely!



modified coilovers

There are several options available based on your preferences. If you want a smaller wheel gap and firmer ride, you can opt for performance springs or lowering springs. This will decrease the gap and minimize body roll. Pairing a good set of springs with performance dampers will result in a more dynamic ride and a much sportier appearance.


Should I always buy new dampers when I upgrade the springs?

It is advisable to invest in a set of high-quality dampers to match your new springs in order to prevent additional expenses on labor for replacing worn-out shocks in the near future


Lowering Springs vs Coilovers

Coilovers offer superior control over ride height and are ideal for those focused on track performance. They provide improved vehicle handling compared to a spring and damper setup, while also allowing for easy adjustment of ride height to suit different driving conditions. Perfect for enhancing performance during track events, coilovers are the preferred choice for those seeking maximum performance.


So wouldn’t coilovers always be recommended?

Coilovers come at a higher cost due to their adjustability and overall configuration, making them more expensive when compared to springs and shocks.


What the heck is air suspension?

Air suspension operates by filling the hollow suspension with air using an electric air pump, raising the vehicle above the ground level. We will not delve into specifics, but it is an excellent choice for those seeking a sleek and lowered look for their car. With various height options available, you can easily adjust your vehicle's height with the simple push of a button.


Wheels and Tires

Kia stinger gt wheels tsw silvano gloss black rims 14 800x572

One of the best ways to enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle is by upgrading to aftermarket wheels. These wheels can give your car a more powerful look and instantly make it stand out from the rest. Aftermarket wheels are often promoted for their lightweight construction, which can help improve performance by reducing overall weight. Choosing the right wheels for your car is a personal decision that only you can make. It's important to select wheels that you will be happy with since you will see them every day. For the best results, opt for lightweight wheels that appeal to your taste. If you plan on installing a larger brake system, make sure there is enough clearance for the discs and calipers. Another factor to consider is the wheel offset, which determines how close the wheel sits to the vehicle's body. Incorrect offset can lead to the wheel hitting the suspension or sticking out too far from the wheel arches. Online tools are available to help you calculate the offset and visually compare your old and new wheel setups.

We constantly double-check our new wheel configurations on


And after all of that information about modifications…

Indeed. There is an abundance of information available in this resource. Our intention was to encompass a broad spectrum of subjects, ranging from performance to aesthetics, and now the decision-making power lies in your hands regarding what you wish to create. Planning holds immense significance for us, as it is one of the key elements. At this stage, feel free to unleash your imagination, considering all the possibilities and exploring specialized forums for inspiration. Engaging in the modification of your automobile is a pleasurable endeavor and should not be daunting for newcomers. It is highly unlikely that you will achieve the perfect setup on your first attempt, and it is almost certain that you will need to replace certain parts over the course of ownership. Crucially, establish a goal for yourself and strive towards achieving it.

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