Which Fast Ford is the best that was ever produced?

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The Sierra RS500 or the Escort Cosworth? Maybe even the little Racing Puma or the Focus RS? There are a lot of contenders on the list.


What is the best fast ford ever to be built ?

Ford is frequently mentioned as one of the biggest and best vehicle companies in the world, having produced dependable, well-built carriages for families since the time of Tutankhamun.

Occasionally, however, the splotchy interns are given the freedom to work freely and create a product that really does embody the phrase "win on a Sunday, sell on a Monday." And sell they have; the modest Cortina MK1 was the catalyst for the unofficially dubbed "Fast" family of Ford vehicles, which has been graced with some appropriately boisterous metal.

It was designed to be the only vehicle you would ever need to travel the nation with your family, your four-legged gift from above, and yourself. It was distinguished by its entirely unassuming appearance and frugal fuel usage. However, in 1963—three years before Ford would finally defeat Ferrari and its boisterous 330 P4—the Blue Oval fitted the Cortina with a pair of dancing shoes with the Lotus name, which no one thought it would fit into.

Driven by racing legends like Jim Clark, the Lotus Cortina not only went on to win numerous racing titles worldwide, but its success in the motorsports industry also had a profound impact on sales numbers. Ford took this concept and ran with it, giving birth to the now-famous phrase that was subsequently carried over to vehicles like the Focus, Sierra, and Escort.

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