Next Generation Nissan GT-R and Z Models Confirmed by Company Leader

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At the 2024 New York Auto Show, Ponz Pandikuthira, Senior Vice President and Chief Planning Officer of Nissan North America, assured Modified Rides that the GT-R and Z models will endure, signaling a potential reinvention that may require time.

The next iterations of the GT-R and Z models could feature a sleek and dynamic design

Next generation nissan gt r and z models confirmed by company leader 4

After a remarkable sixteen-year tenure, the R35 GT-R is approaching the twilight of its lifecycle, heralded by the introduction of two special editions. Pandikuthira has officially confirmed the imminent cessation of production.

Underlining the imperative of maintaining authenticity, Pandikuthira asserted, "The next generation of the GT-R has to embody the essence of a true GT-R." He stressed the GT-R's lineage as a vehicle conceived, refined, and rigorously tested on the racetrack. According to Pandikuthira, any shift towards an all-electric model must uphold the performance benchmarks, ensuring the capacity to withstand rigorous conditions without any compromise.

While the specifics of the next-generation GT-R's powertrain remain undetermined, Pandikuthira revealed that Formula E serves as a testing ground for future GT-R advancements. He acknowledged the prevailing challenges posed by the weight of contemporary EV batteries, highlighting the ongoing pursuit of lightweight solutions critical for preserving sports car performance.

In recognition of Nissan's engineering prowess, Pandikuthira referenced the recent triumphs in Formula E, including McLaren's victory in Sao Paulo utilizing a race car co-engineered by Nissan.

Reflecting on the past, Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida affirmed in 2021 that the next-generation GT-R would embrace a new platform, indicating a significant evolution in its technological and design landscape.

Next generation nissan gt r and z models confirmed by company leader

Albasia made a notable observation regarding the absence of the GT-R badge on the Hyper Force concept unveiled at the 2023 Tokyo auto show. However, he also drew attention to the enduring design elements found in the Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo from 2014, which evokes a sense of nostalgia from a previous era.

Despite these divergences, the core essence of the GT-R brand will persist. The upcoming GT-R model will maintain its hallmark features, offering the flexibility to seamlessly transition from road to track, while providing seating for four occupants for daily usability. Albasia emphasized the importance of preserving the intimidating and rugged persona of Godzilla, underscoring its legacy as an iconic and formidable presence on the road.

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Currently, the Nissan design studio is exploring various design concepts for the R36 GT-R, with no final decision made yet. Albasia hinted at the probability of retaining the iconic quad-taillight design characteristic of the GT-R lineage, albeit with a modern twist. However, he clarified that adherence to tradition isn't necessarily a strict requirement.

Referencing the Hyper Force concept, which featured four taillights with a unique interpretation, Albasia highlighted how innovation in design can redefine traditional elements. Despite not being conventionally round, the taillights appeared circular due to the innovative use of transparent slits integrated into both the lighting elements and the bodywork, demonstrating a fresh approach to the GT-R's signature design cues.

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Pandikuthira asserts that the latest Z, introduced in 2021, still has considerable mileage ahead, indicating a lengthy lifespan. He assures that the current powertrain meets emissions regulations for the foreseeable future. However, he hints at Nissan's plans to eventually introduce a new iteration of the Z.

Interestingly, the existence of the current Z was unexpected, originating as a skunkworks project. Albaisa reflects on the evolutionary path of the Z, noting how the 350Z, breaking away from tradition upon its debut in 2003, laid the groundwork for the progressive design evolution seen in the 370Z, launched in 2009. Today's Z pays homage to its heritage with retro styling elements borrowed from both the iconic 240Z and the Z32 300ZX.

Looking ahead, Albaisa suggests that a new Z must either fully embrace the spirit of the original 240Z or boldly depart from tradition with a progressive design. There will be no middle ground, he assures, promising a decisive approach to the future of the Z lineup.

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