Celebrating Zonda Legacy: Explore the Stunning Pagani Concept

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Marking the 25th Anniversary: Discover the Alisea, a Remarkable Supercar Collaboration between Pagani and Istituto Europeo di Design (IED)

Explore the Stunning Pagani Concept

Explore the stunning pagani concept 2

Crafted by Master Course Students at IED in Turin, the 1:1 Scale Model Boasts a Sleek, Elegant Design. Unlike Traditional High-Performance Cars, it Features Smooth Surfaces without Bulky Vents and Scoops. With Bulging Wheel Arches, it Matches the Zonda's Width at 80.9 inches, Enhancing its Unique Silhouette.

Measuring at 178.0 inches, the Pagani Alisea surpasses its muse in length while maintaining a lower stance, standing at just 42.1 inches tall. Inspired by 1980s Group C endurance race cars, its canopy adds a distinct touch. Slimming down the traditional high-mounted mirrors achieves a streamlined profile, avoiding the need for cameras. The modern quad headlights and curved taillights pay homage to the Zonda R's track-ready design.

Explore the stunning pagani concept 3

In comparison to the Zonda, the Alisea opts for a more subdued appearance, foregoing the intricate aerodynamic features commonly seen on various iterations of the AMG V-12-powered model. This design philosophy also resonates in subsequent models like the Huayra and its numerous variants. While the Utopia, Pagani's third model, is hailed as a fresh addition, its styling remains closely aligned with its predecessors.

Regrettably, the Alisea stands alone as a singular creation. However, given Pagani's penchant for accommodating affluent clientele, it wouldn't be unexpected for them to incorporate certain design elements into future projects, should a wealthy individual express interest in a bespoke vehicle. Pagani has demonstrated its ability to fulfill unique requests, as evidenced by the numerous custom Zonda models produced over the past few decades.



ALISEA | The new concept Hypercar paying tribute to Zonda’s 25th anniversary

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