Lancia Zero Electric Sports Car Concept Triumphs in 2024 Drive For Design Competition

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Stellantis unveils the champions of the annual Drive for Design competition, revealing a shared theme among the victors. Surprisingly, each winner envisioned a cutting-edge Lancia design, despite the competition being limited to U.S. participants.

Lancia Zero Electric Sports Car Concept

Lancia zero electric sports car concept 1

The project brief tasked participants with crafting a "future dream vehicle for any Stellantis brand in the year 2040." Interestingly, those who dared to push the boundaries emerged as the top achievers.

Rohan Seiber, an 11th-grade student, clinched the top spot with his innovative Lancia Zero concept. This electric sports car boasts a sleek wedge-shaped profile and distinctive 'banding' treatment. Standout features include a sporty diffuser and a sizable rear wing equipped with integrated taillights.

Ryan Panizzoli, a 10th-grade student, secured the second position with a liftback design, yet to be named. While details remain scarce, the visuals hint at a concept influenced by Dyson, featuring a convenient slide-out "cooking station

Owen Bronson, a 10th-grade student, clinched third place with his creation, the Lancia Pugnale, named after the Italian word for dagger. Inspired by the iconic 1970 Stratos Zero concept, this model offers a contemporary interpretation, featuring a bold design highlighted by concave wheels, circular taillights, and a distinctive Y-shaped front fascia accent.

In addition to their moment of recognition, all three winners receive a range of prizes. Seiber earns a Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16 tablet and the chance for a summer design internship at the Ram Design Studio.

Panizzoli and Bronson will each be awarded an Apple iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, along with a scholarship to attend the VisCom1 summer program at the College for Creative Studies. Furthermore, they'll have the opportunity to engage in discussions with the Stellantis Design Team.


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