Open-Top 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback: Milanese Design Render

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Discover the origins of this Open-Top 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback as Carlo Borromeo, co-founder of the company, embarked on a journey along the Pan-American Highway in his own Fastback back in 2008. Follow his journey and the ideas it sparked to enhance his car for the ultimate road trip experience.

1968 Ford Mustang Fastback Render

Modified 1968 ford mustang fastback render 1

BorromeodeSilva embarked on a transformative journey, beginning with the removal of the roof to make way for a tubular cage. Despite this modification, the original roofline seamlessly integrates into the design. Crafted from steel, the frame maintains the Mustang's recognizable shape but adopts a lifted stance, thanks to an independent suspension system and all-terrain tires, injecting an off-road spirit into the classic model.

Among its standout features are turbine wheels and an updated front bumper boasting larger, centrally positioned fog lights. Enhancements like a crankcase guard and a slimmer rear bumper contribute to the STL-1's increased ground clearance, adding a touch of refinement to its rugged appeal.


Modified 1968 ford mustang fastback render 2 1

Underneath the hood, significant upgrades await. Upgraded coilovers, tubular upper and lower control arms, and rack-and-pinion steering with new tie rods and bushings enhance performance and handling. Complementing these improvements are fresh 11-inch brake discs and aluminum calipers, alongside a limited-slip differential for added control.

Being an American muscle car, it's powered by a V8 engine—the iconic 5.0-liter ‘Road Runner’. Derived from the legendary Boss Mustang 302, this powerhouse receives enhancements including a new forged steel crankshaft and aluminum pistons. Borrowing from the 302R racer, the cylinder heads and intake manifold are upgraded for maximum performance.


Modified 1968 ford mustang fastback render 11 1

Transitioning to the interior, you'll discover a minimalist cabin infused with modern elements. Upgrades include a new steering wheel and seats, while the addition of a digital dashboard promises enhanced navigation, perfect for locating those coveted fast food stops on your legendary road trip.

Reflecting on the genesis of this project, Carlo Borromeo recounts his journey traversing the United States and venturing from New York to Buenos Aires. Along the challenging pan-American route, he envisioned transforming this remarkable muscle car into the ultimate all-terrain vehicle primed for adventure. "It took us several years to bring this vision to life, but we've finally achieved it," Borromeo declares. "We're now prepared to craft the world's premier off-road Mustang, merging our expertise in restomod design with our passion for epic journeys."

While the modifications result in a slight decrease in torque compared to the stock engine, assurances are made that the output surpasses the original 444 horsepower.


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