Zacoe toyota supra widebody

The Toyota Supra has received a widebody package from a tuner

On 21/01/2022

It's no secret that Toyota intended for the new A90 Supra to be a tuning community darling.

Rr dawn blackbadge 03 fitmaxwzeyodasmtaynf0

Novitec has created a 676bhp widebody Rolls-Royce Dawn

On 15/12/2021

Welcome to the SPOFEC OVERDOSE, based on the Rolls-Royce Black Badge Dawn, Isn't that an interesting name?

Delo static wildrear view04 6 copy

Twin-turbo widebody DeLorean DMC-12

On 27/11/2021

Someone created a widebody twin-turbo V8 sportscar... out of a DeLorean, we're telling you. Welcome to Salvage to Savage's incredible SEMA exhibition vehicle, as well as the future we were promised in 1985.

Nissan skyline gtr widebody kit

Some of the Best Wide Body Modified Cars

On 03/10/2021

Some of the greatest wide body modified cars we've seen! Take a look at these!

Prior yaris addon kit rear side view 12 edit3 wb

What do you make of Prior Design’s widebody GR Yaris?

On 01/04/2021

Well, this is quite something isn’t it? This – as you may have noticed – is a rendering of a GR Yaris.