You may now buy an original Mini that runs on electricity

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This time, however, Mini is the one doing the labour. Furthermore, the transformation is completely reversible.

You may now buy an original Mini that runs on electricity

'But wait, can't you get an original Mini with an electric powertrain?' you would think after reading the headline.
And the answer is yes, if you associate with the creators of the Swind E or LEC's own, significantly less expensive version.

Mini, on the other hand, is getting in on the fun with the Mini Recharged, as seen above.
It's based on the electrified Mini that debuted at the New York Auto Show in 2018, and the response was so positive that the business decided to bring the concept to life.

According to Mini, the conversion consists of a sequence of'reversible' alterations that retain the original car (at least in spirit), and the engine is identified and saved for future use to that purpose.
The engine is then replaced with an electric motor that produces 121 horsepower, good for a 0-62mph time of roughly nine seconds.

The battery size hasn't been revealed, but Mini claims it can be charged at 6.6kW and has a range of just over 100 miles.
This is similar to what TG receives from its long-term Mini Electric hatch, in our experience.

Mini then adds a centre instrument cluster that shows information such driving temperature, gear selection, range, and speed.

Bernd Körber, head of the Mini brand, says, "What the project team is producing preserves the spirit of the iconic Mini and allows its enthusiasts to enjoy all-electric performance."
"With Mini Recharged, we're bridging the gap between the brand's history and future."

All work is conducted in the United Kingdom, and the company emphasises benefits such as Congestion Charge exemption.

Individuality is also key," said Sebastian Beuchel, head of Mini worldwide brand management.
"Unique classic Mini models, including true works of art on wheels, have always been manufactured."
As a result, new collaborations as part of the Mini Recharged initiative are in the works, allowing well-known artists to express themselves through specially created classic Mini models."

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