2 mini recharged

You may now buy an original Mini that runs on electricity

By On 26/01/2022

This time, however, Mini is the one doing the labour. Furthermore, the transformation is completely reversible.

Photo 2

What are your thoughts on this Mini GP that has been modified?

By On 22/09/2021

Isn't this a great colour? This is one of the 3,000 third-generation Mini GPs produced, however this one has been extensively customised by Beek Auto Racing in the Netherlands. Definitely eye-catching.

Vini the v8 mini jpegs 2

Powerflex fitted a 414bhp M3 engine into a Cooper S R56

By On 18/07/2021

You'd think that squeezing a 4.0-liter naturally aspirated V8 into a small R56 Mini Cooper S would be a difficult task, wouldn't you?