Aspark Unveils the Owl SP600: A New Contender for the World's Fastest EV

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Japan's Aspark is pushing the boundaries of electric hypercar performance with a new, more potent version of its Owl model. The enhanced edition, known as the Owl SP600, has made headlines with its astonishing top speed during recent testing.

Owl SP600

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Record-Breaking Speed

In a remarkable feat, a prototype of the Owl SP600 achieved a top speed of 438.7 kph (approximately 272.6 mph). This was recorded using an onboard Racelogic V-Box. If the production model retains this top speed, the Owl SP600 will set a new benchmark as the fastest production electric vehicle (EV), surpassing the current record of 256 mph held by the Rimac Nevera since 2022. For comparison, the fastest gas-powered car, the SSC Tuatara, hit 282.9 mph in 2021, and a one-off Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ reached 304.7 mph in 2019, though its production version is limited to a lower speed for safety reasons.

The Test Run

The speed test occurred on June 8 at the Automotive Testing Papenburg site in Germany. This facility, renowned for its 7.6-mile loop with two 2.5-mile straights, is the same venue where the Rimac Nevera set its previous record. Renowned racing driver Marc Basseng was at the helm during the Owl SP600’s record-breaking run.

Specifications and Innovations

While specific details about the Owl SP600 remain under wraps, Aspark has disclosed that the vehicle has a bespoke Bridgestone tire designed to withstand extreme speeds. It's likely that the SP600 surpasses the original Owl's 1,984 horsepower and incorporates additional weight-saving modifications. The original Owl boasts an impressive 0-60 mph time of 1.69 seconds, and it remains to be seen if the SP600 will improve on this performance.

Collaborative Efforts

The development of the Owl SP600 continues Aspark’s collaboration with Italy's Manifattura Automobili Torino (MAT), a specialist in hypercar manufacturing. MAT has a prestigious track record, having built the Glickenhaus 003 and Apollo Intensa Emozione. As with the original Owl, only 50 examples of the SP600 are planned, emphasizing its exclusivity.

Awaiting the Launch

Although Aspark has not yet announced a launch date for the Owl SP600, anticipation is building among automotive enthusiasts and industry insiders alike. The prospect of a new record-breaking EV has generated significant excitement, and the Owl SP600 is poised to make a substantial impact in the hypercar world.

Stay tuned for more updates as Aspark continues to refine and perfect the Owl SP600, pushing the limits of electric vehicle performance to new heights.


M.A.T. Aspark SP600 - New World Record for Fastest Electric Hypercar at 438.7kph


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