Bugatti's New Hybrid V-16 A Symphony of Power

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Before the official unveiling on June 20, Bugatti tantalized automotive enthusiasts with a brief video showcasing the powerful V-16 engine of its Chiron successor.

Bugatti has offered a tantalizing preview of its new hybrid V-16 engine, set to power the successor to the Chiron. This exciting new hypercar, yet to be publicly named, will make its debut on June 20. The manufacturer promises it will be "incomparable in every detail" and a "pure embodiment of Bugatti's DNA."

In February, Bugatti teased the sounds of this groundbreaking engine. Now, the French supercar maker has confirmed that the reveal will happen later this month. The new hybrid V-16 is inspired by iconic Bugatti models: the Type 57 SC Atlantic, the Type 41 Royale, and the Type 35.

Amidst the industry’s shift towards battery-electric vehicles and small-displacement plug-in hybrids, Bugatti stands out by integrating a hybrid V-16 powertrain into its next hypercar. This 26-second teaser video, showcasing the engine roaring through three gears, has captivated the automotive world.

Bugatti's statement highlighted its tradition of pushing the boundaries of design, engineering, performance, and craftsmanship with each generation of hyper sport cars. This new model marks eight years since Chiron’s introduction and signifies the start of a new chapter in Bugatti’s storied history.

Bugatti has christened this new era with the motto "pour l’éternité," signaling its intent to create a car that stands the test of time. The video teaser, available on Bugatti's YouTube channel, reinforces this message with its poetic presentation.

The shift to a hybrid setup has been anticipated since Bugatti's merger with Croatian automaker Rimac in 2021. The former chief of design, Achim Anscheidt, confirmed the hybrid direction last year. Those hoping to get their hands on one of the $5 million Mistral roadsters are out of luck, as all 99 units sold out in 2022.

As we await the full reveal, the automotive world is buzzing with excitement, eager to see how Bugatti’s hybrid V-16 will redefine the hypercar landscape.

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