Chiron Pays Tribute to Jean Bugatti's Iconic Type 55 Super Sport

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Bugatti has unveiled its latest masterpiece, the "55 One of One" Chiron, crafted by its in-house Sur Mesure team. This unique Chiron pays homage to the legendary Type 55 Super Sport, a model designed by Jean Bugatti that left a lasting mark on automotive history.

Bugatti's Iconic Type 55 Super Sport

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The "55 One of One" Chiron Super Sport stands out with its striking black-and-yellow paint scheme, a nod to the first Bugatti Super Sport ever built. This color combination, favored by Ettore Bugatti, accentuates the car's sleek lines and rich heritage. The design echoes the original Type 55, right down to the black centerline that runs along the Chiron’s body, mirroring its classic predecessor.

Bugatti's latest creation is anything but ordinary. This bespoke Chiron Super Sport leverages the iconic two-tone paint scheme to its fullest, creating a visual masterpiece that is both a modern marvel and a respectful tribute to the past. As part of the Sur Mesure division's work, this isn't the first model to draw inspiration from Bugatti’s storied lineup. Last year's "57 One of One" was a homage to the iconic Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic, showcasing the team's dedication to blending tradition with innovation.

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The "55 One of One" Chiron Super Sport features several unique customizations that highlight its exclusivity. The number 55 is subtly incorporated throughout the car, appearing under the rear wing, painted on the fenders, and stitched into the interior of the doors. These details ensure that this Chiron not only looks spectacular but also carries a distinct identity.

Jascha Straub, head of the Sur Mesure division, explained the meticulous process behind the car’s design: "On the original historic car, where you have some parts that end at a certain point, you can just paint until the shut line. But with the Chiron Super Sport, it had to fade into zero. It was a long and intricate process, but it was the right approach." The result is a seamless blend of old and new, where every detail is carefully crafted to honor Bugatti's legacy while pushing the boundaries of modern automotive design.

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In summary, the "55 One of One" Chiron Super Sport is more than just a car; it is a rolling homage to Bugatti's rich history, wrapped in a design that captures the essence of its legendary predecessor while showcasing the pinnacle of contemporary craftsmanship.



BUGATTI Sur Mesure: The CHIRON Super Sport ‘55 1 OF 1’

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