Porsche Unveils Hybrid 911: A New Era for an Icon

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Porsche is no stranger to evolution. Over the years, the iconic 911 has seen numerous groundbreaking changes, from the introduction of electric power steering in the 991 to turbocharged Carreras and a comprehensive interior overhaul with the 992.

Porsche unveils hybrid 911

Porsche is making another significant leap with the introduction of a hybrid 911, marking a pivotal moment in the 61-year history of this automotive legend.

The 911 GTS is getting a hybrid makeover with an electrically turbocharged 3.6-liter flat-six engine paired with a 1.9kWh battery. Dubbed the T-Hybrid. Porsche aims to enhance the driving dynamics and reduce CO2 emissions without the additional weight typically associated with plug-in hybrids. The electric turbocharger provides an immediate boost and adds 15hp, allowing for the use of a single turbo instead of the previous dual setup.

At the heart of this new system is a permanent magnet synchronous motor integrated into a new eight-speed PDK transmission, eliminating the manual option for the GTS. This motor contributes up to 54hp and 111 lb-ft of torque right from idle. Both the turbo motor and the gearbox-mounted unit are powered by a compact 1.9kWh battery operating at 400V.

This battery is comparable in size and weight to a standard 12-volt starter battery, adding only 50kg to the vehicle. This setup also powers an electro-hydraulic anti-roll system and the air conditioning, freeing the engine from these auxiliary functions and making room for a pulse inverter and DC-DC converter under the hood.

Porsche unveils hybrid 911 2 1

The T-Hybrid's engine is an upgraded version of the existing 3.0-liter turbo flat-six, now featuring a bore increased to 97mm and a stroke of 81mm. This engine, set to replace the Carrera GTS, delivers 485hp on its own and up to 541hp with the electric boost. Coupled with 450 lb-ft of torque, the T-Hybrid accelerates from 0 to 62mph in just 3.0 seconds, with a top speed of 194mph.

An all-wheel-drive GTS variant is expected to be even quicker. The new GTS lineup will include rear-wheel and all-wheel-drive coupes, convertibles, and a Targa 4, all featuring a 10mm lower PASM suspension for enhanced handling, a sports exhaust, and standard rear-wheel steering. CO2 emissions range from 239g/km to 251g/km for the T-Hybrid models.

The regular Carrera also receives updates in the 992.2 refresh. While there is no Carrera S yet, the base Carrera now features the turbos from the old GTS and an intercooler from the Turbo, boosting its output to 394hp and 332lb ft—up from the previous 370hp. These enhancements result in minor improvements in acceleration and top speed, with the Carrera now capable of hitting 62mph in under four seconds.

Despite these updates, the 992 remains unmistakably a 911, with design tweaks to set the Carrera apart from the hybrid-only GTS. The T-Hybrid models sport a unique front end with five vertical cooling flaps that optimize aerodynamics and cooling. All models now come with standard matrix LED headlights, which free up space below for larger air vents. The redesigned rear light bar gives the 992 a more profound, wider stance without changing its actual dimensions. GTS aero kit will be available for those seeking extra visual impact.

Inside, the 911 has been revamped to offer a two-seater configuration as standard, though a 2+2 setup remains available at no extra cost. The traditional analog rev counter has been replaced with a fully digital 12.6-inch instrument cluster. This new digital interface supports integrated Apple CarPlay, allowing drivers to use apps like Apple Music directly through the car's system without needing their phone. A 'Classic' design option for the digital dash will offer a traditional five-dial layout for those who prefer a more vintage aesthetic.

Orders are now open for both the refreshed Carrera and the T-Hybrid GTS, with deliveries scheduled for summer and late 2024, respectively. The 992 series has now firmly entered the six-figure price range, with the Carrera starting at £99,800 and the hybrid models beginning at £132,600 for the coupe. Expect the Targa to push close to £150,000 with options.


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