MANSORY Unveils the Exclusive Maserati MCX PERGUSA

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MANSORY, the renowned Bavarian luxury tuner, has long been known for transforming high-performance sports cars from top-tier manufacturers into bespoke masterpieces.

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The MANSORY MCX PERGUSA captivates with its full carbon body, emphasizing uncompromising performance and aesthetic appeal. The front apron features dramatically enlarged air inlets, ensuring optimal airflow to the high-performance coolers. A specially developed front lip, coupled with additional aerodynamic flaps, enhances both the car’s appearance and front axle downforce.

Distinctive carbon wheel arches and a sleek carbon air scoop with an integrated spoiler underscore MANSORY's expertise in carbon processing. The side engine air inlets and a new carbon bonnet provide additional cooling to the powerful V6 biturbo engine, enhancing overall performance. Completing the aerodynamic enhancements are a new carbon rear wing and a redesigned double diffuser with a central brake light, significantly boosting rear axle downforce.

Under the hood, the MANSORY engineers have transformed the Maserati MC20’s 3.0L V6 biturbo engine to deliver an astounding 750 HP and 880 Nm of torque, up from the standard 630 HP and 730 Nm. This power surge is achieved through new engine electronics and a high-performance exhaust system, propelling the MCX PERGUSA to a top speed of 335 km/h and a blistering 0-100 km/h time of just 2.6 seconds.

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The MCX PERGUSA's extraordinary performance is expertly managed through an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission, standard all-wheel drive, and newly developed MANSORY chassis components. The vehicle features central locking forged rims, the "FV.5C," paired with high-performance sports tires. These ultra-light rims, measuring 9.5 x 21 inches at the front and 12 x 22 inches at the rear, are fitted with tires sized 255/30 ZR21 and 335/25 ZR22, respectively. This setup ensures maximum lateral dynamics and stability at high speeds.

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Inside, the MANSORY MCX PERGUSA offers a realm of customization. The showcased model features an interior adorned in orange and black, fully upholstered in glove-soft leather, meeting the highest standards of craftsmanship. Details like orange seat belts with black MANSORY logos and a leather-covered footwell reflect the tuner’s dedication to detail. Where leather isn’t used, carbon fiber elements provide a sophisticated contrast. A MANSORY sports leather steering wheel and precisely embroidered logos add the final touches to this luxurious cabin.

The MANSORY MCX PERGUSA is not just a high-performance marvel but also an exclusive one, with only five units available. Each vehicle represents a unique blend of MANSORY’s innovative design and engineering prowess, making it a coveted addition to any car enthusiast’s collection.

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With the MANSORY MCX PERGUSA, the luxury tuner has once again demonstrated its ability to push the boundaries of automotive excellence. By transforming the Maserati MC20, MANSORY has created a vehicle that not only stands out in performance and design but also offers a unique, personalized driving experience. This limited edition supercar is a testament to MANSORY’s commitment to perfection in the world of high-performance sports cars.


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