Bugatti Bolide Nears Production Following Successful Testing Phase

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The Bugatti Bolide Completes Testing, Production Set to Begin Soon. Initial Deliveries Anticipated in the Coming Months.

Bugatti Bolide

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The extensive testing phase focused on achieving rapid lap times while ensuring accessibility, as highlighted by the automaker.

Andy Wallace, a Le Mans 24 Hours-winning racing driver and Bugatti test driver, emphasized in a statement that it's the latter aspect that truly distinguishes the Bolide.

Wallace explained that while driving any car to its limits presents challenges, the Bugatti Bolide maintains an impressive level of ease even under extreme conditions.

This is remarkable given its quad-turbocharged 8.0-liter W-16 engine derived from the Bugatti Chiron. Tuned to operate on 110-octane racing fuel, the Bolide variant of the W-16 generates 1,824 hp, surpassing the base Chiron's 1,577 hp output on 98-octane fuel. This signifies one of the final applications for this distinctive engine, as Bugatti transitions to a V-16 hybrid powertrain for its forthcoming lineup of hypercars.


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Despite its collaboration with race-car builder Dallara on a carbon-fiber monocoque, the Bolide maintains a dry weight of approximately 3,200 pounds. Bugatti assures that the monocoque meets the rigorous FIA crash-safety standards observed in LMH and LMDh prototype racers. Additionally, the Bolide boasts a more aggressive driving position compared to Bugatti's road models, with the driver's heels slightly elevated.

While the Bolide prioritizes handling—capable of achieving a claimed 2.5 g of lateral grip—it still achieves a top speed of 236 mph in its low-downforce configuration, notably lower than the Chiron's governed 261 mph. Despite this, Bugatti hasn't compromised on driver comfort, equipping the Bolide with air conditioning, power steering, stability control, and an anti-lock braking system for its substantial Brembo carbon-carbon brakes—features often absent in purpose-built track cars, as highlighted by Bugatti.

Limited to a production run of 40 units priced at approximately $4 million each, all Bolides have already been allocated.



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