Bugatti s new hybrid v 16 1

Bugatti's New Hybrid V-16 A Symphony of Power

By On 04/06/2024

Before the official unveiling on June 20, Bugatti tantalized automotive enthusiasts with a brief video showcasing the powerful V-16 engine of its Chiron successor.

Bugatti unveils final chiron model 3 1

Bugatti Unveils Final Chiron Model: The L’Ultime Super Sport

By On 30/05/2024

Bugatti has revealed the final model in its Chiron lineup, the L'Ultime, marking the end of a seven-year production run that saw 500 units crafted.

Chiron pays tribute to jean bugatti s iconic type 55 super sport 1 1

Chiron Pays Tribute to Jean Bugatti's Iconic Type 55 Super Sport

By On 24/05/2024

Bugatti has unveiled its latest masterpiece, the "55 One of One" Chiron, crafted by its in-house Sur Mesure team. This unique Chiron pays homage to the legendary Type 55 Super Sport, a model designed by Jean Bugatti that left a lasting mark on automotive history.

Renowned bugatti and koenigsegg designer teases new nilu hypercar

Renowned Bugatti and Koenigsegg Designer Teases New Nilu Hypercar

By On 21/05/2024

The creative genius behind legendary vehicles such as the Bugatti Chiron and Koenigsegg Gemera, Sasha Selipanov, is on the brink of unveiling his own hypercar.

Bugatti bolide nears production following successful testing phase 2 1

Bugatti Bolide Nears Production Following Successful Testing Phase

By On 15/04/2024

The Bugatti Bolide Completes Testing, Production Set to Begin Soon. Initial Deliveries Anticipated in the Coming Months.

Bugatti bolide nears completion in final testing stage 2

Bugatti Bolide Nears Completion in Final Testing Stage

By On 24/03/2024

Prior to commencing production of the Bugatti Bolide track car, the development team seeks insights from a highly skilled driver to enhance performance and refine engineering.

The Bugatti Veyron and the Quest for Speed

The Engineering Marvel: The Bugatti Veyron and the Quest for Speed

By On 23/03/2024

In the realm of automotive engineering, few feats capture the imagination quite like the quest for speed.

0 bugatti chiron sur mesure

These custom-painted Chirons have been presented by Bugatti Sur Mesure

By On 28/04/2022

Remember when Bugatti announced the establishment of an unique customising section right before Christmas?
The Chirons you see here were among the first to receive the Sur Mesure therapy.

Bugatti chiron pur sport by sur mesure 100818559 h

Bugatti opens a department dedicated to customising your bugatti

By On 12/12/2021

To meet the increased demand for one-of-a-kind vehicles, Bugatti has formed the Sur Mesure customisation department.

1994 bugatti eb 110 gt prototype photo via dupont registry 100798071 h

Bugatti EB 110 GT from 1994

By On 03/07/2021

The Bugatti EB 110 is significantly rarer than its Volkswagen Group-engineered successors, with only 150 manufactured.
However, because it's a prototype of the short-lived supercar, this car, advertised for sale by Massachusetts dealership Copley Motorcars through DuPont Registry, is unusual even by EB 110 standards.