McMurtry Spéirling: Redefining Speed and Setting New Records

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The McMurtry Spéirling is no stranger to setting jaw-dropping records, with its unforgettable performance at the Festival of Speed still fresh in the minds of those who witnessed it.

McMurtry Spéirling

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As McMurtry aims to expand its presence in Europe, the company seeks to attract buyers who can afford the £895,000 (plus taxes) ‘hyper-track’ Pure model. This expansion promises even more astonishing feats.

Making a remarkable entry into the European market, the Spéirling recently shattered the closed-wheel lap record at Hockenheim during its dynamic debut. This accomplishment occurred earlier this month, showcasing the car's prowess at one of Europe's premier dealer track days.

Max Chilton’s blistering lap was anything but casual, even though it came at the tail end of an event. Notably, the demonstrator vehicle operated at only about 75% of its potential, as McMurtry continued its 'test and validation' program across new circuits and varying climates.

The Spéirling's lap time of 1:24.43 on the 2.8-mile F1 circuit was a remarkable 14.1 seconds faster than the time set by the Mercedes-AMG One in 2022. This suggests that McMurtry's planned record attempts for the Spéirling in the coming years will likely yield impressive results. According to McMurtry, the Hockenheimring time was also 3.9 seconds quicker than the DTM qualifying time in 2020, solidifying its closed-wheel record claim.

The footage of this record-breaking lap is a must-watch. The Spéirling PURE boasts a 1,000hp electric powertrain and a unique ‘downforce-on-demand system’ featuring a fan capable of generating 2,000kg of suction, which allows it to corner with incredible agility. Weighing in at less than 1,000kg, the Spéirling can accelerate rapidly on straightaways as well. It achieves an astonishing 3g in turns and can complete a quarter mile in just 8 seconds.

European tracks take note: McMurtry is on the move, and the Spéirling is set to continue making headlines.


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