Aston Martin Unveils the Valiant: A Hardcore Evolution of the Valour

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Aston Martin has introduced the Valiant, an even more hardcore successor to the Valour sports car launched last year as part of the company's 110th anniversary celebrations. 

Aston Martin Valiant

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This new model takes inspiration from Aston Martin's Formula 1 star driver, Fernando Alonso, who worked with the Q by Aston Martin personalization department to create a lighter, more extreme version of the Valour, designed for both track use and street legality.

Aston Martin has decided to produce a limited run of 38 Valiants for worldwide sale, and all build slots have already been claimed. This production run makes the Valiant even rarer than the Valour, of which 110 units were produced. Both models showcase retro styling inspired by the DBS V8-based RHAM/1 race car, affectionately nicknamed "the Muncher," which competed in multiple 24 Hours of Le Mans races during the 1970s.

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Under the hood, the Valiant houses Aston Martin's twin-turbocharged 5.2-liter V-12 engine, tuned to deliver an impressive 734 horsepower—29 more than the Valour. This front-mounted engine is paired with a 6-speed manual transaxle featuring an exposed gear linkage, sending power exclusively to the rear wheels.

Weight reduction was a key focus in the Valiant's design. The shifter's design aids in weight reduction, complemented by a 3D-printed rear subframe saving about 6.6 pounds, a magnesium torque tube shedding 19 pounds, a lightweight battery cutting 25 pounds, and 21-inch magnesium wheels reducing nearly 31 pounds. Additionally, the Valiant features lightweight carbon-ceramic brake rotors.

The chassis of the Valiant received significant upgrades, including the installation of Multimatic's Adaptive Spool Valve dampers. These advanced dampers can adjust each profile up to 32 configurations in under six milliseconds, enhancing the car's handling and performance.

Aerodynamic improvements play a crucial role in the Valiant's track capabilities. New elements like a splitter, rear wing, and rear diffuser help generate necessary downforce. The diffuser now houses four exhaust tips, an upgrade from the Valour's three, and features a lightweight titanium exhaust system.

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The Valiant's body is predominantly crafted from carbon fiber, including the new full-width grille. The exposed carbon fiber accents are visible throughout, particularly in the doors and center console cabin. The interior has Recaro Podium seats and a steel half-cage, with anchor points for four-point harnesses.

Although Aston Martin has phased out manual transmissions from its core lineup, special editions like the Valour and the new Valiant ensure the continued availability of three-pedal cars. Aston Martin has committed to offering these special models as long as there is sufficient demand, maintaining a tradition cherished by driving enthusiasts.


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