2025 Audi S3: Latest Updates and Features Revealed

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For the 2025 model year, Audi is rolling out an exciting mid-cycle refresh for its iconic A3 lineup, with enhancements that also elevate the performance-focused variants, including the S3 and RS 3 models.

2025 Audi S3

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In March, Audi unveiled the highly anticipated 2025 A3, followed by a sneak peek at the upcoming 2025 S3 just this Monday. While enthusiasts eagerly await their arrival in showrooms later this year, it's worth noting that the U.S. market will once again receive only the sedan variant, foregoing the hatchback option available in other regions. The refreshed RS 3 is stated for release this year, although specifics regarding its debut timing remain uncertain. Stay tuned for further updates on these thrilling releases.


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The S3 undergoes subtle yet impactful styling enhancements, mirroring the updates seen in the A3. Notable changes include refreshed fascia designs adorned with distinctive L-shaped accents at both the front and rear. The lighting elements have been revamped, offering owners the unprecedented ability to customize the daytime running light patterns via the intuitive infotainment system, with four design options available.

Moving indoors, designers have meticulously crafted new details for the gear shifter and air vents, alongside expanded choices for trim and dash accents, complemented by a standard ambient lighting package for an enhanced interior ambiance. Moreover, the inclusion of a built-in app store and innovative "functions on demand" feature allows for the installation of new functionalities either temporarily or permanently, offering a personalized driving experience like never before.

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Closer to the market launch, U.S. specifications for the updated S3 will be finalized. Initial performance estimates reveal a robust output of 328 horsepower generated by the standard 2.0-liter turbo-4 engine. This powertrain configuration propels the S3 from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.4 seconds, with a top speed electronically limited to 155 mph. Notably, this represents a notable increase from the current U.S. model, which boasts 306 horsepower.

The S3 retains its 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, now optimized to deliver enhanced starting torque for quicker acceleration. Shift times have been significantly reduced, particularly under full load, resulting in a more dynamic driving experience.

A significant addition to the S3 is the torque splitter inherited from the RS 3 model. This innovative Haldex differential incorporates multi-disc clutches on each rear axle shaft, allowing precise distribution of torque not only between the front and rear axles but also between the rear wheels. This enhancement promises improved handling, particularly during aggressive cornering maneuvers.

Further enhancing performance is the brake-based torque-vectoring system, which intelligently applies braking force to the inside wheels during cornering. This system, along with the refined traction-control system, ensures optimal control of drive torque.

Additionally, the updated S3 boasts larger front brakes, featuring ventilated discs now measuring 14 inches in diameter, a significant increase from the previous model. These brakes are housed within standard 18-inch wheels fitted with Falken tires, further enhancing grip and stability on the road.

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In pursuit of enhanced handling dynamics, the S3's McPherson strut front suspension now incorporates a new pivot bearing, facilitating increased negative wheel camber. This, combined with stiffer wishbones, translates to heightened grip and improved control during aggressive cornering maneuvers, as affirmed by Audi.

The driver gains greater control over the electronic chassis systems via the drive mode selector, which now includes a new Dynamic Plus mode in the updated S3. This mode not only influences the engine by elevating the idle level for heightened throttle response but also adjusts transmission behavior, facilitating later upshifts and earlier downshifts for a more responsive driving experience.

Details regarding pricing for the 2025 S3 will be unveiled closer to its anticipated market launch later this year.



2025 Audi S3 facelift driving REVIEW with RS3 torque split!

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